1. Wonderful statement, representative of both free will and God’s authority. I actually needed to read these words this morning. As someone who always wants to “fix” the chaos around me, letting go in areas where I cannot affect change is an ongoing challenge. I will worry/search/dig until I discover a loophole somewhere! There’s a whole lot going on right now… without loopholes… that I need to just submit to God and let be. Exhaling… 🙂


    1. I agree. The dilemma is I can’t make others breathe… and if I’m not careful, I find myself holding my breath with them. It’s one thing to internalize your own stuff. It’s another to internalize what is imposed upon you. Accepting setbacks, saying “no” and not always trying to protect those close to me is an ongoing exercise in faith. My son has started practicing meditation before sleeping each night. I may need to do the same.

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      1. He lays down and vocuses on the void… not thinking… then he drifts off. It leads to him waking with a jolt and feeling like he’s been talking to someone. The second time he woke up to a tingling sensation all over. And last time his eyelids got extremely light and opened… with him having to force them closed (opposite of when you struggle to keep eyes open. He’s only done it a few times.

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