On horseback
with sword in hand,
think Khal Drogo
meets Method Man,
one look and a believer
you will become
as, unraveled, your will
has come undone.

Slick, but rough,
unwilling to budge,
will walk into fire
without holding a grudge,
raging beneath
the teddy bear that you see,
is a wild warrior
under lock and key.

Every once in a while,
you’ll never know when,
I’ll let him breathe,
and you’ll hold your breath,
I’ll let him roar,
and you will regret
unwittingly letting him
out of the den,

as you await with guarded words
and hesitant eyes,
wondering if it is just for a moment,
or a couple of nights,
that we’ll all suffer
from what rests inside,
a touch of madness
caressing my pride

– this touch of madness
gonna take you for a ride.


Written for Dungeon Prompts: Alter Ego

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Featured image via http://www.randomcelebs.com


  1. Your alter ego is a fearsome warrior. The angry energy seeks to be released through the path of least resistance. The photo is really eye catching and I had to click when I saw it on twitter. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I politely decline. Instead I would like to read about the Scholar Self who did his doctorate in something. Has he written about this somewhere? Please share the link. It could help others who are walking along the path towards that direction.


  2. Ha ha! Oh, good grief, what can I say… you had me at “Khal Drogo meets Method Man”… yep. The sassiness of this made me laugh (as I embody a sass queen, myself). Nothing like a teddy bear with a dragon inside… I was born to one, and gave birth to one… a priceless combination. Makes me think of when I was a child and I’d see a movie like Sheena-Queen of the Jungle (or She-Ra, He-Man’s princess of power, one of those Amazon-women flicks… Tarzan… Land of the Lost… see the theme here! Lol)… for the following month or more, I’d fantasize about riding wild horses or saber-tooth tigers and slinking through the jungle enforcing justice with my legion of wild animals. Tip-toeing around the house and yard, I’d listen for every creak and shifting blade of grass with my imaginary sword in hand. Those were the days! I still get an adrenaline rush after watching a gladiator or “300” type movie. Hmm… I think I like this post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, yes! ThunderCats… Hooooo! We played street games based on that cartoon… tried to make circle symbols reflect in the evening sky with flashlights covered with cut out emblems on colored construction paper. Wow, you’re taking me back. I wanna go outside and play now! No… never grow up all the way! We are not created for such an end!


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