As I struggle against your current
and refuse to let you row,
refuse to even imagine
what it’s like to lose control,

fraught is the path between
what I like and what I don’t,
forever weary of the highs,
all too familiar with the lows,

never too attached to friends
for I am busy with my foes,
demanding my right to use as I like
both my yes-es and my no-s,

I try and just remember
that this is not even my show,
and wonder if one of these days
maybe I’ll learn to just let go.

Written for Dungeon Prompts: I’d Like to Learn… I picked that I would like to learn to “let go,” which is pretty funny since the name of my mom’s blog is Living, Learning and Letting Go. People that know me well might say I’m pretty good at letting go, but that is just with the things that they don’t know I’m holding on to, heh heh heh.


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  1. Seriously, Sreejit?!? Ugh… this is phenomenal! I wish I hadn’t read it because I’ve been trying hard to think of a topic to write about and “letting go” was the only front-runner. Now my thought process has been tainted with your splendid piece, which said so much so cleverly. And I am back at square one! Love this though… I am right there with you!

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    1. No problem at all. Giving credit where credit is due. I have an art section on my blog but I keep forgetting to post on there and even when I do it doesn’t get much traffic. I’m more of a visual artist. Words escape me easily.


  2. Lovely feelings…. even I am in the same race to learn the “हुनर”
    We can’t apply “let go” to everywhere in our lives though…!! (specially where our heart applies).

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  3. I’m going back and reading everything I missed reading because I was at Amma’s Seattle area programs. All of your poems have been good but this is my favorite. I’m going to pass this on.

    And ….. I didn’t know you had mentioned my blog! That was a fun surprise.


  4. Reblogged this on Living, Learning and Letting Go and commented:
    Trying to “stay in control” causes so much of our pain. How different our lives would be if we would let go and let life unfold.

    Sreejit of “The Seeker’s Dungeon” recently posted a powerful poem about letting go so I thought I would pass it on!


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