Engulfing the light
there’s a hunger that blooms,
blind it knows not that
our dignity it consumes

– broken pieces of glass
reflecting the sun
and we keep grabbing on
thinking the battle we’ve won,

and we keep grabbing on
and cutting our hands,
blaming the glass for not
living up to our plans,

when our perception alone
is what keeps us reaching
as we double down
in search of completion.

Instead of doubling down
and going on piecing
fragments of imperfection,
while searching for meaning,

we stop being swayed
by our senses and lead them,
we have the power to trade
these illusions for freedom.


For Dungeon Prompts: Desire


  1. Every. Time. Synchronicity with your writing. In a very literal sense, I sliced my index finger on a light bulb that would not cooperate with me a year ago. $18K in surgery, etc. to repair the nerve damage. Your words, “and we keep grabbing on/and cutting our hands/blaming the glass for not/living up to our plans…” Totally resonates. Thank you for this – it certainly speaks to me! ❤

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