The Sunday WrapOh my God, I just realized it’s Sunday already. I’m a little behind for people in my own time zone.  Well, let’s get this party started already. Welcome to this week’s Sunday Wrap!  Remember to leave links for one post from your own blog and one post from a blog you enjoyed in the comment section.


A recap for those unsure of the process:

First step, leave a link to your best recent post, and the best recent post that you’ve read on someone else’s blog, in the comment section.  Second step, read and comment on the blogs that our brother and sister bloggers link to (at least a few of them).  I will continue to compile an easily accessible list within this post as the day progresses.

The posts that you link to can be of any subject matter, style or blogging format.  Whatever you have, bring it to the table.  The Wrap is a way for us to meet each other; to see what each other has to say about anything and everything.


This week the Sunday Wrap presents:

Early Morning in My Sanctuary – Living, Learning and Letting Go

Shapes of Dreams – Traces of the Soul

Kayso I’m Gonna be a Mom – Anawnimiss

The Vlog – The Seeker’s Dungeon

An Eye-Opening Open Letter to my Exasperating Memory – Redefining Random

What If: The Internet Never Existed? – Gaurav Chaplot

Appreciation – Follow Your Shadow

Muhafiz, In Custody – A Nook in the Woods

How to Win Your Love Back – Seeking Romance

Flying – Love Letters to a Ghost

The Little Girl and the Weekend – Bittersweet

Voicing Your Say – A Touch of my Saint

Freedom – Diary of a Dreamer

Guns, Garowe and pancake syrup – My Somalia Diary

Expensive Dreams – A Paradise of Expressions

Havana my Love – Live Simply, Travel Lightly, Love Passionately & Don’t Forget to Breathe

Faith is a matter of grace: The ultimate un-guide to surrender – Dare Boldly

Peace Time and Dungeon Prompts – Not Just Sassy on the Inside

Gemini New Moon: Walk and Don’t Look Back – Litebeing Chronicles

Why it’s Important to Love Yourself First – Spiritual Awakening

Modern Day Surrender – Ginni Bites

Irrelevant – Learning to Cry

Leave your link in the comment section and I’ll attach it here!


If you missed last week’s offerings, you can check them out now:

How Many Times – Marsnplato

Kill Your False Self – Takingthemaskoff

Watch, Wait and Wonder – Living, Learning and Letting Go

Eclectic Corner #12, Perspective – Eclectic odds n sods

Call Me Luck – The Seeker’s Dungeon

I Sought to Write – Shift

He Doesn’t Like Poetry – Ginni Bites

Missed Connection – No Talent for Certainty

How am I Doing – Litebeing Chronicles 

It was Due – Bittersweet

#1803 – Coffee With Noor

Ultimate Desire – Follow Your Shadow

Paint Box – Diary of a Dreamer



  1. My post for this week is Appreciation

    “today, once again, a thought searches for a word” ~ Faiz Ahmed Faiz
    Over the week I read a post that left a lovely impression on me. Muhafiz (In Custody) is a film about the tenderness of Urdu language. There is some amazing poetry, ghazals, architecture and a poignant story. After I read this post

    I immediately searched for and watched the movie and it was so so beautiful


  2. okay, my latest blog which i would like to give is

    But my FAVOURITE blog, has been written by the best human being i have known in my entire life. Her blogs always have something sensual and passionate to behold. She is Elena.


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