How to Get 100,000 views

I just reached 100,000 views on this blog.  I seriously have no idea how it happened.  It seems like only yesterday that a friend was telling me that I had to start a blog in order to sell my novel.  In the three years since, I think I might have sold six novels (this is not an exaggeration).

A week after starting my blog, the same friend came and told me, “you know you actually have to write something on it.  You can’t just leave it there with the book ad.”

I waited another week and just decided I had to write something.  At that moment I happened to look down and see a recipe for Gypsy Soup.  Ah, great title.

Gypsy Soup… just let it flow, I thought.

And my first poem came pouring out:

Lost in a soup of philosophies,
educational hypocrisies
and alphabetical biographies –
all mine.
All I’m looking for
is someone like me,
another apology,
from my brother’s theology,
to my sister’s morality.
Would you get lost in me
if I had no dream
and no reality?
Or would you keep wishing
to see that which would make you happy?
If I weren’t really me
but a steadfast version
of your own romantic identity?
For the love of God,
let’s find the answer
before we drown together
in our own elated wisdom.
Bring me a cup
and I’ll give you nothing,
so give it to God.
I’m sorry –
I’m empty –
I’m looking,
but please follow your
and not your
leading you to another mistake
that might as well
earn you the right
to make another mistake –


And that was that.  Easy, indeed.  Publish.  Liked.  What?

That first automated email from a “like” telling me that Archita thought my post was “awesome” arrived.  I didn’t understand then that all the emails came with the same message.  So, I went around telling everybody that somebody thought my poem was awesome.    I was hooked.  All that attention, for sharing what was clicking around my head and only bothering me.  Well shoot, if you want it, I’m definitely gonna give it.

And here we are some 600 posts later.  Technically I only have about 250 up but that’s because I’m a chronic deleter.

Anyways, I just wanted to take this time to say thanks for all the love.  I don’t know how we got here, but it’s been fun.

Oh, did I answer the title?  How to get 100,000 views… just keep writing.


  1. Great story! Loved Gypsy Soup poem, as well. I’m pretty sure everything you write is awesome (at least everything I’ve read)… and so, your presence here was simply meant to be. How wonderful to touch so many lives with creative abandon. Kudos!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations, Sreejit! This is no mean feat! I get how your motivation to blog changed – I too started writing for a purpose, but 200 posts later, writing has become my purpose.
    Beautiful poem, btw. One I’ll never forget reading.

    Liked by 1 person

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