The Sunday Wrap

It’s Sunday!  What?  It’s Sunday.  Unbelievable.  I cook food based on the days of the week and I’ve been cooking the Sunday menu all day and still managed to forget that I needed to put up the Sunday Wrap!  Again… unbelievable.  Well, Amma just came back to the ashram here in India, and it was Guru Poornima yesterday, so I guess I was a little distracted.

Anyways, you know what to do…


A recap for those unsure of the process:

First step, leave a link to your best recent post, and the best recent post that you’ve read on someone else’s blog, in the comment section.  Second step, read and comment on the blogs that our brother and sister bloggers link to (at least a few of them).  I will continue to compile an easily accessible list within this post as the day progresses.

The posts that you link to can be of any subject matter, style or blogging format.  Whatever you have, bring it to the table.  The Wrap is a way for us to meet each other; to see what each other has to say about anything and everything.


This week the Sunday Wrap presents:

A Conversation with Pain – Seize One Day

Prince August – Glorialana’s Blog

This isn’t about BlogHer 15 – Gunmetal Geisha

Blur, Chapter 15: Through Their Eyes – The Seeker’s Dungeon

Fuzzy Connection – Ginni Bites

A Good Thing – 876LoveR

Respect and Honour – Follow Your Shadow

Jeena Jeena –

Light in the Night – Traces of the Soul

Seeking to Live in Harmony with Slugs – Living, Learning and Letting Go

Raspberry Mango Sorbet – Minimalist Baker

Sometimes – BitterSweet

What Advice Would You Give to Yourself? – Chef Laura Cerullo

Someone by My Side – Vanbenschoten

Leave your links in the comment section and I’ll attach them here!


If you missed last week’s offerings, you can check them out now:

This is Not a Test – Rarasaur

My Best Friend – Litebeing Chronicles

Where’re You Goin’ – Rarasaur

Blur, A Serialized Novella

Perfection is Not the Goal – Living, Learning and Letting Go

Euthanasia, Yes or No…? – Graleview

Let Me Say It – BitterSweet

In the Next Moment – y

Society Norms – Be Different Buddy

The Dying Internet – Gaurav Chaplot

Magdalene’s Feast Day – Sophia’s Children

Inner World, Outer World, What Counts? Part 1 – Not Just Sassy on the Inside

My Pig and I – Thekitchensgarden

These Things are Truths – It’s Just Life

Is it Really any Surprise – Ginni Bites!

Last Love (sonnet) – Inlovelustandlaughter

Shades of Speech – Freedom’s Place

Scent of Roses – Tournesol dans un Jardin

Summer Beauty – Pikturamma

Garden Day – Patricia J Grace





  1. Thank you so much for the ping back! I really appreciate it! So glad it brought me to your page, I can’t wait to follow your blog further! Thank you again, Laura 💖


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