I don’t break; I taint whatever I come in contact with, breathing easy into my insecurities, letting them define me, relishing in the thoughts you never knew you had about me, as I color inside the lines of a good thing with my need to break you open and understand why you don’t see me as a king, as the be all end all of it all, not the pride before the fall, but the last resting place of your righteousness.

I don’t break; I rise, to demand that my physical limitations should wallow in self-pity as I go beyond the need to bleed my way into your heart, but rather tear you apart with my insistence on going beyond your perceived diameters of my parameters.

I don’t break; I wither into silence and bitter confrontation with my mortality, and the neglect of my actions to color within my own morality.

I don’t break; I forsake the goodness swimming all around me until I force you to live in my self-destructive reality.

I don’t break; rather I take away the pieces that made you whole to fill in my own gaps…

I don’t break,

I’m the breaker –

you should run.



Written for Dungeon Prompts: Breaking Point

Featured image by Vivek Subramoniam


  1. Sreejit – that’s a powerful piece! Am I to read this with the image you’ve selected, because I can make some connections between the words and the visual in my mind, in an oblique way? Which is why I’m curious whether you intended it that way. Your writing brings forth a determination not to bend – I wish I were as strong! Cheers, buddy, well done!


  2. Can I tell you how I saw it? I understood the child, by looking at her and the surroundings, as coming from a less privileged background and therefore, more hardy than we are in our comfortable environment. So in effect, a tough kid who will not break inspite of her condition, but whose plight will break you apart from inside at the sheer unfairness of it all. She gets into your conscience and tears it from within. Don’t know if that makes sense and maybe not how you meant for it to be, but I thought I’d share this.
    I’ll say it again – that’s a very nice piece!

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  3. What!!! … and to think, you weren’t even going to respond!! How could you even think about keeping this bite to yourself? What’s funny is when I first read the prompt last week, I thought about coming with the whole “I don’t break” angle. As being a person of extremes myself, I can definitely relate to this side of the coin. In my case, I have to actually be pushed to this extreme in order for it to manifest as a defense mechanism. After a few days of consideration, I chose to represent my more submissive side instead… and so now, your piece let’s me feel fulfilled that the flip side has been revealed. What’s interesting is I didn’t necessarily realize some of these things about myself until I took in this context and reflected on some of the past reactions I’ve gotten from people who were out to hurt or dominate me; who later ended up feeling broken apart and longing in the aftermath of my disengagement. I always come back stronger, while they simply try to come back. The irony!

    As for this gem… ❤ ❤ ❤ Is it a shame that I felt both cautioned and exhilarated at the same time??? Lol I was like, "Ouch, but heck yeah!" haha.


    1. Yeah, I never think about my response to the prompt when I write the prompt. It is two separate experiences. So when I was thinking about the prompt later in the week, I was like, I don’t really break in the sense of not carrying on. I always carry on – so far- but, I do change the way that I deal with my environment when I’m fed up, and that tends to cause things to break around me… then when I read your poem, I was like, yeah I want to get in on this to, and I was just like, but I don’t break, I taint… and went from there.

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