I’ve been blessed to hold the power
of mixing reality with fiction –
afroI don’t mean telling a good story,
but rather turning ideas into wisdom.

Sounds harmless enough until
you realize I have discovered
the thoughts you failed to share
but I miraculously uncovered.

Whether or not you actually think it,
I will hold you to the words
I’ve put inside your head
because, for me, all lines are blurred.

I’m not a trained psychologist,
though I’ll dissect every expression –
like a natural intuitive biologist –
without restraint or apprehension.

A little Alfred Hitchcock,
mixed with a little bit of Zen,
I’ll first tear apart your soul
and then I’ll stitch it back again.

Don’t feel bad about it for
I hold the keys to this universe,
and frankly it’s my prerogative
to destroy you in and out of verse.

So be careful with the twinkle
you have gleaming in your eyes,
and be weary of your walk and holding
your head down or way up high,

let your fingers not point carelessly,
let your face not turn a shade of red
or I’ll be sure to fill in for you,
what you’ve clearly left unsaid.



Written for Dungeon Prompts: Our Magical Powers

Featured image via http://www.imgbuddy.com


  1. Well done! Sure wish I could write like this……… that skill would indeed be the result of magic, at least for me. I’ve been thinking about this topic since you put up the prompt and just woke up with a startle knowing it was time to start writing it!

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  2. Haha… awesome! No, it’s not bad that they laughed… I laughed too. I read this aloud and alternated between “yeah” & chuckles. It’s the sassy confidence with which you express your skills. It makes a person think, “no he didn’t just say that… he’s arrogant… who does he think he is???” But at the same time, it’s true… you have a gift and you know it. Plus, because you serve and worship and facilitate the expression of others so graciously; it’s almost an oxymoron that you openly voice this part of you in such a manner. I can only imagine the “what!?!” feeling aroused in your peers who probably see more of the service side of you than anything else. Anyway, you made me laugh outloud and it certainly wasn’t a belittling response… it was an “I get it, but did he really just say it” response. 🙂


    1. Lol… I understand all too well. I am a similar creature. The littlest thing can rub me the wrong way and others are left scratching their heads, wondering what happened. It’s always a little harder to swallow when my interpretation isn’t in line with true intention. Of course, the onus lies in the source of confusion… and not with me. 😀

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  3. Love it! It is so intuitive and story-teller style. Something I have been accused of actually doing. This made me think of the superstition that some used to believe (or still do) that taking someone’s photo is akin to stealing their soul. So if you steal my words right out of my head you are a brain surgeon!?


  4. Finally!!! I was interrupted on the bus, then my cat threw a fit and now I have completed my reading. I am not laughing but nodding for I KNOW you hold the cards of many secrets that are untold…subtle nuances here and there but you know better. I have always said from the beginning about two years ago, that you were my therapist and have saved me oooodles of $$$ from the first prompts I hid very little and dug very very deep. Awesome poem, Doctor Sreejit:)


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