The Sunday WrapThe Sunday Wrap is all about community spirit – just getting out there and saying hi to everyone.  It’s our blogging picnic.  We’re going around the circle and telling about our week.  It’s your turn.  Share a link from your own site and a link from someone else’s blog that you enjoyed, so that we can catch up.


A recap for those unsure of the process:

First step, leave a link to your best recent post, and the best recent post that you’ve read on someone else’s blog, in the comment section.  Second step, read and comment on the blogs that our brother and sister bloggers link to (at least a few of them).  I will continue to compile an easily accessible list within this post as the day progresses.

The posts that you link to can be of any subject matter, style or blogging format.  Whatever you have, bring it to the table.  The Wrap is a way for us to meet each other; to see what each other has to say about anything and everything.


This week the Sunday Wrap presents:

Today We’re Winning – Stories that Must Not Die

Being the Hands of the Divine – Living, Learning and Letting Go

In Praise of Teeth – Fish of Gold

Blur – The Seeker’s Dungeon

Buddhist Haiku #5 – Mother Wintermoon

Beguiled – Random Rants Ruminations Ramblings

Reading at the Park – Pint Size Fiction

13 Things Technology is Replacing Quickly – Gaurav Chaplot

We Can Keep Living Like This – BitterSweet

This Glass at Half Capacity – A Narcissist Writes Letters, to Himself

The Things you Told me – Pince2000ful

Guest Star: Koharu – Katzenworld

Parting Kiss – Ginni Bites!

Let it Burn – Poet’s Corner

Arnica Montana, All You Need to Know- Dr. Nancy Malik

Team Pharrell

Leave your links in the comment section and I’ll attach them here!


If you missed last week’s offerings, you can check them out now:

Free to Trust – Marsnplato

Six Word Stories: 156 – In Noor Velvet

Travel Goal Setting – Ventures

Pros, Cons. and Tips… – My Summer in Japan 2015

Namaste – Bluebutterfliesandme

J2P Monday: Some Chants – Not Just Sassy on the Inside

What’s Next?… the Dreadful Question – BitterSweet

Why do You Write? – The Ninth Life

Upper Obsession – Ginni Bites!

A Rhyme in Time, PM – A. Ramsey, Poet

Writing Itself – Best Poetry Blog in the Cosmos

Humanity, a Musing – Diary of a Dreamer

This is my Livelihood – Pikturamma

Self-Love – Patricia J. Grace

Loving the Inner Little One’s Heart – Walking My Path

Simple Things – Litebeing Chronicles

The Truth – Thewistfulwood

An Intoxicating Mess – Lea Claire Hartley

Higher Emptiness – The Irreducible Primary

Now – Nik’s Place

Self-Care or Selflessness? – Living, Learning or Letting Go

Freedom Means – Follow Your Shadow

Today’s Wage – Laughing Penguins

Team Pharrell

Sawyer Fredericks


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  1. Hi everybody on here!
    I’m very impressed by Mother Wintermoon’s Buddhist Haikus – it’s a series of simple three liners with so much depth & meaning that I can’t help but step back and think. Here’s a sampling:
    As for me, I’m going to direct you to my latest piece without any comments (I’ll leave those to you!):
    Have a great weekend, folks!

    Liked by 1 person

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