life is fair but…

Because we should never forget what is going on in the world around us, whether or not we are involved, whether or not it is our problem, we are all brothers and sisters here.

Levant woman

I seized a one thousand “Lira” which is the Syrian currency, and looked at it for several minutes… too much detail and actually most of the people didn’t like the new design. I didn’t like the content not the design. Before this Syrian crisis this piece of money was equivalent to 20 dollars and it could feed a family for one day. Now it is not more than 3 dollars and it almost means nothing, you need two of it to prepare an ordinary lunch.1000 lira

They made a new design for money recently, they made it smaller and with less quality I don’t understand the reasons but I know this country is facing very hard times regarding the economic situation and it affects most of the population even more than the lack of security. A government employee earned from 400$ to 600$ a month before the crisis now after this…

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