The Sunday WrapSo many great blogs, so little time!  Help us out!  What did you find that was amazing this week?  Share a link from your own site and a link from someone else’s blog that you enjoyed.  


A recap for those unsure of the process:

First step, leave a link to your best recent post, and the best recent post that you’ve read on someone else’s blog, in the comment section.  Second step, read and comment on the blogs that our brother and sister bloggers link to (at least a few of them).  I will continue to compile an easily accessible list within this post as the day progresses.

The posts that you link to can be of any subject matter, style or blogging format.  Whatever you have, bring it to the table.  The Wrap is a way for us to meet each other; to see what each other has to say about anything and everything.


This week the Sunday Wrap presents:

A Moment of Clarity – Mind and Life Matters

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Ants and Aphids – Living, Learning and Letting Go

The Other Side – BitterSweet

This Sad Town – Making it Write

Why Do You Write? – The Ninth Life

In the Eyes of the Beholder – Dreamer’s Diary

Monday Melt: The Simple Truth – Rarasaur

A Note to the Dungeon Dwellers – The Seeker’s Dungeon

Paradox – Leaf and Twig

Sisterhood of the Traveling Business Cards – Litebeing Chronicles

Sad – Vanbenschoten

A Day in the Life of MH – Down the Rabbit Hole

Do I Go Left or Right – Thelonerose

Lunch Date (Old-Fashioned Attention) – Lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

Team Pharrell

Leave your links in the comment section and I’ll attach them here!


If you missed last week’s offerings, you can check them out now:

Text Message Break Up… At Mom’s Funeral – Chasing Life and Finding Dreams

The Vlog – The Seeker’s Dungeon

There’s No Present Like the Time – Misifusa’s Blog

Why Does He Choose to Hit Her? – Dare Boldly

Heaven’s Front Yard – Embracing Forever

The Lament of Venus and Other Tales – Litebeing Chronicles

Almond Lemon Blueberry Pie Bars – Minimalist Baker

Around the Campfire – Living, Learning and Letting Go

Do You Want a Home or Do You Want a Life? – Adventures in Wonderland

When the Inner Voice Says Stop – Not Just Sassy on the Inside

Work in Progress 2.0: The Wild Within – Marsnplato

Shoulders – Shane Koyczan

Therapy #SixWordStories – BitterSweet

For Every Sign of – y

She Had a Soul but They Ate it Up – Ginni Bites!

50 Word Stories: Bad Attitude – Richard Ankers

Team Pharrell



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  1. Thank you for including us Sreejit, and especially thank you for Shane Koyczan. I’ve not heard that particular poem. His is a mighty, and eloquent, and heart-rendingly beautiful voice. We saw him live in Vancouver a few years ago, an unforgettable experience. We also saw him live at the Winter Olympics Opening ceremonies (again in Vancouver) performing his ode to Canada poem. For Canadians it was pretty special.
    Feeling a bit time pressed atm but very much look forward to exploring your blog.
    Alison xox

    Liked by 1 person

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