The Sunday WrapSit back and relax.  The Sunday Wrap is here.  If you’ve got something to share, this is the place to do it.  Share a link from your own site and a link from someone else’s blog that you enjoyed.  


A recap for those unsure of the process:

First step, leave a link to your best recent post, and the best recent post that you’ve read on someone else’s blog, in the comment section.  Second step, read and comment on the blogs that our brother and sister bloggers link to (at least a few of them).  I will continue to compile an easily accessible list within this post as the day progresses.

The posts that you link to can be of any subject matter, style or blogging format.  Whatever you have, bring it to the table.  The Wrap is a way for us to meet each other; to see what each other has to say about anything and everything.


This week the Sunday Wrap presents:

The Battle #Haiku #Drawing – The Scribbler

Greed. And Denial. – Random Rants Ruminations Ramblings

Practicing Retirement – Living, Learning and Letting Go

Nothing on Top of Nothing – Lynz Real Cooking

#BeReal, Helena Webster – Hastywords

Because – The Seeker’s Dungeon

What They Had #SixWordStories – BitterSweet

Hat-trick for Mistreating America’s Youth – A Narcissist Writes Letters, to Himself

Syria, Guatemala, the Twin Towers and the Tree of Life – Two Trees in the Garden

Is There Life After Death? Thich Nhat Hanh Answers Age Old Question – The Huffington Post

Illustrated Mental Disorders as Monsters – The Rabbit Hole

Team Pharrell

Leave your links in the comment section and I’ll attach them here!


If you missed last week’s offerings, you can check them out now:

A Moment of Clarity – Mind and Life Matters

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Ants and Aphids – Living, Learning and Letting Go

The Other Side – BitterSweet

This Sad Town – Making it Write

Why Do You Write? – The Ninth Life

In the Eyes of the Beholder – Dreamer’s Diary

Monday Melt: The Simple Truth – Rarasaur

A Note to the Dungeon Dwellers – The Seeker’s Dungeon

Paradox – Leaf and Twig

Sisterhood of the Traveling Business Cards – Litebeing Chronicles

Sad – Vanbenschoten

A Day in the Life of MH – Down the Rabbit Hole

Do I Go Left or Right – Thelonerose

Lunch Date (Old-Fashioned Attention) – Lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

Team Pharrell



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  1. My favorite post that I wrote this week is:

    I also discovered a new blog. Here is a paragraph from her about page:

    “I am a 53 year old mom of 9 who grew up in the beautiful Northwest [Seattle]. I was an aspiring Jazz vocalist and poet until I met and married a Middle Eastern man and that changed my life forever. I moved to Saudi Arabia with 4 small children while 8 months pregnant. I lived in a run down villa with no furniture out in the neighborhoods of Riyadh. I then lived in an apartment with limited electricity, and later to a luxury Western compound. I met people from India, Egypt, Morocco, the U.K. and all over the world. I had five more children while living in Saudi.”

    Part of her blog is about cooking, but another part is about the her life in Saudi Arabia. Here is the link to the first chapter:

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