1. I made something with canned jackfruit when Akshay and Chaitanya were here. That is what made me think of it.

      However, I didn’t realize she was going to actually go out and find everything when I picked that. I thought she was just going to incorporate it into stories, poems, etc. and thought it would be an item that was very different!

      I bet they have them in Asian groceries though.

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  1. That’s awesome!! We used pots like this in prison. Huge ones! I love that feeling of being tiny, surrounded by abnormally-large things that are normally small. Also, hurrah for cheating the birthday hunt!

    I mention a comment you made on my blog on this post that is coming up… I hope that’s alright. The one about (paraphrasing) “this is our catch up time”? Linked back, of course. 🙂

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