In most of my online homes, I’ve written in the bio that I am a King without a Kingdom in a world with many masters, wrapped in the spoils of a jealous heart and my people’s callous laughter. In non-poetic English that translates to, “I don’t like being told what to do.”

My thoughts flow free – irrationally – and typically they create feelings that translate into ‘what is wrong with them that they don’t see that I am a King, and not in need of their opinion or instruction?’ Since I walk around with this troublesome paramour, my ego, it stands to reason that I get annoyed rather easily.

Last night, I was writing a list in the café when I made a suggestion about something that was done wrong. The person I’d explained this to said that I could fix it later, when I was dealing with it, rather than they take the 10 seconds to fix it in the beginning.

In my head I took the pen and started scribbling violently all over the paper before screaming and throwing the list across the room. In actuality, I quickly finished my work and left before I said something that I’d regret. This has become my go to move for moments in want of humility: Run.


I forgot to put up Dungeon Prompts at the correct time yesterday.

When I got to my room I had an email from my mom that said, “Where’s the Prompt?”

“Oh, God,” I wrote back.

But it didn’t take me long to come up with something. Humbling Ourselves. I hope I get a lot of entries this week so that I can see others’ go to methods – mine is getting a little old.



Written for Dungeon Prompts: Humbling Ourselves?

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  1. I think your prompts have even more power when they come from your real life experiences. I’m glad to have served you by providing the impetus for this one! I am looking forward to writing my response to it.

    And I really like this post as well!

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