Beautiful like time slowing
down enough to understand
that it is not really my
logical process that’s
blowing nothing into
everything but an
emotional response, like
going through a day without
hearing someone complain
about their food or their
options or how I’m not
entertaining them enough
with what I provide them,
like a smile that’s just a
smile and not a door trying
to open me up to something more
like what I can do for you,
like my phone not ringing
after I’ve retired to
my room because I’m truly
done for the day, like not
having to get myself
excited to workout but
am just in the mood to move,
like picking up the guitar
and not having to feel
lonely to sing the blues
because I’m satisfied,
like drinking that afternoon
cup of coffee after a
30 minute nap and
feeling like all the colors of
the world have come alive to
greet me to a magical
day, like humming that just
flows from my heart when I
wasn’t even thinking about
music but my world was just
feeling musical, like
opening a book and not
straining to read to learn
or figure out but merely
to get lost in the story,
like going to the washing
stones and being completely
alone because I came at
that perfect time when the
hundreds of others had
something better to do, like
going to sleep without
having to worry about
waking up, or like those
days when I’m so  excited
to wake up because I just
love my life.


Offered for the Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary


  1. I love that I can feel this and appreciate every single sentiment. Quite possibly my favorite of yours… several reads, and I just want to keep going back because of how warm it feels. Just splendid…

    Liked by 1 person

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