Walking With Intention Day 12 by Arati de la Roziere

Embodying Intentions

by Arati de la Roziere of Dancing to the Words

I have contemplated writing this piece off and on ever since I received Sreejit’s invitation to write about what does walking with intention mean to me. I have hardly written anything for months and it is now October 27 and this invitation is for November… of this year… so what the hell, go for it!

I find delight in this question. I hear it as a reminder to come home to self, to presence. I use to think of intention as an action, something to do and now I find comfort in experiencing intention as a way of being. I love the title Walking with Intention as it affirms how setting an intention is like holding a compass that i can check in with and see where i am, in relation to how i want to be. Like a guide for realignment.

I set an intention for something that I want, that I long for, that gives meaning to my life. I pause, breathe into it, allow this life force to fill me, to expand within my whole being and then, for a precious moment I embody it. Marshall Rosenberg called this precious life force Needs. We all share them, they are common to all of us. What are these ‘needs’ that guide me like a compass and to which i set an intention? Presence, kindness, understanding, connection, care and the list goes on.

In the last few years I have traveled quite a bit and have lost track of how many airport security checks I have gone through. As I approach these zones something comes over me. I become very belligerent. There is a power structure that I feel extremely uncomfortable with. As long as we all behave and do exactly as we are told things go smoothly. Otherwise, if I opt out from going through the huge x-ray machine my life gets more complicated and I don’t like being patted down. Living in California with an ongoing drought I feel sad and disheartened when i see bottles of water being tossed in a garbage can. I pray the water is recycled, offered in some way to sustaining the planet. I understand the need for, and intention for safety and protection, and that security agents have a job and it is their livelihood. I want to see, to remember our shared humanity and sometimes I think there is a fine line between these security checks and police states, and this thought is a source of my discomfort.

And what does this have to do with intentions?

A couple of years ago as i approached the security zone and noticed me body tensing I paused, took a deep breath and a little voice that I recognize as coming from my beloved Amma asked me: How do you want to experience this moment? Even as I write this now I feel my body relax and there is sense of inner spaciousness. What I wanted was ease, kindness and presence. I allowed myself to fully experience these energies and set them as my intentions so I could be them as I walked towards the security agents. I remember looking at the first agent’s badge so I could address him by his name and have a sense of connection. I looked into his eyes, wished him a good day and then with ease I walked towards the his co-worker standing by the machine that checks the carry ons. I felt so calm and peaceful. I still didn’t enjoy unpacking laptop, phone, little bottles…. and yet I was completely at peace. Afterwards, as I was putting my shoes back on I paused to celebrate that not only was I able to do this, but that I was willing to choose to do it. And this is another intention… To celebrate whenever I have a moment of changing a pattern and choosing to act in a way that is life serving and opens my heart.

As often as I can remember I walk with intentions by taking small steps. It is like a reminder of the quality of life that I want to have. One of my goals is to go through my day walking from one intention to the next. I can set an intention about how I want to be as I drive to the store, or stand in line at the check out counter. Patient, kind, accepting, present. I can set an intention for humor, joy, and fun, and move away from judgment and blame.

In times when i am facing what i think is going to be a difficult conversation with someone my habitual pattern is to run a future dialogue through my brain over and over again. I call this trouble shooting the future. I see myself now sometimes being able to shift and choose to focus on what I want my intention to be for the conversation. Without fail I come up with presence, listening and understanding among others. So I breathe into these needs and let them fill me and guide me through the upcoming conversation. I can’t plan the dialogue ahead of time as if it were a script I am writing. What I am trusting more and more is that the intention I set for myself will guide and inspire the words I want to say, and my ability to hear the other person. The same applies to all aspects of my life.

I have several intentions in writing this piece. To express my gratitude to Sreejit for how often I experience my needs for creativity and community being met through his work, and his reaching out to all of us bloggers and non bloggers. To experience my creativity and to celebrate the work that I do.

Jai Ma!


faa2826f030256bfafafb9d0386dd177Arati de la Roziere

This dance is about wanting to live fearlessly, valuing and celebrating who I am.  I imagine that my life’s journey might touch or inspire others, as I at times feel touched seeing myself reflected in someone else’s words.





Written for Walking With Intention.  If you’d like to be a part of the challenge, find more info here: Walking With Intention.  But first leave a comment and let Arati know how you feel about what she said, and be sure to visit her over at Dancing to the Words when you’re done.


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I am a King without a Kingdom, in a world with many masters, wrapped in the spoils of a jealous heart, and my people’s callous laughter.


  1. Such a tender and heartfelt write 🙂 no doubt intention begins by taking small steps.. grabbing opportunities and above all believing in yourself… just like you did Arati 🙂

    Cheers to you!!

    1. Thank you Sanaa for letting me know how it was for you to read this piece. I enjoy receiving this encouragement to grab opportunities and to ‘go for it’.

    1. Thank you Hiba. One of my inner critics, the one who tells me that what i do is not good enough, keeps saying that what i wrote was just too simple. I am glad you enjoyed reading this piece.

  2. I love your post Arati, in that it is a reminder to us that the power is in our hands. We can choose to let our intentions guide our experience instead of the other way around. Thank you for your kind words also. That means a lot.

  3. I really enjoyed this. I think it can be so overwhelming at times to try and change. This is one wonderful example of how each of us can take just one step to a better, more aware life. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for letting me know how it was for you to read this piece. I greatly appreciate the reminder of the practical aspects of setting intentions. It brings me back to seeing ‘setting intentions’ as a practice. Like a walking meditation.

  4. Great piece, Arati! Thank you! You are a source of much inspiration, and needed connection, sharing, and human-ity on the path 💕

  5. I enjoyed reading your post Arati. I really like the idea of setting intention on a day to day or even minute to minute basis. I know someone who would appreciate reading the security, i.e. TSA, part of your post so will send it off to her!

    1. Thank you for letting me know that you like this idea of setting intentions. I hope the person you know, and for whom you think this might resonate, enjoys reading this post!

        1. I look forward to hearing more and my sense is that since you are going to India and the farthest i’m going for now is Michigan…. It may be a while! Wishing you safe and easy travels as you fly through all those time zones and thousands of feet in altitude!

    1. Sahara, i enjoy hearing that this idea of choosing how to experience your life speaks to you, even the uncomfortable parts.Thank you for reading this post.

  6. I enjoyed reading this post very much and am reminded when faced in situations where i start feeling my back tensing, I can actually change the next few minutes and turn something that could be an unpleasant argument to an exchange that just might be meaningful. I try to remember to smile more often especially when there is tension for instance the subway is stalled and people are getting frustrated…smiling makes such a difference.

    1. Thank you Oliana for commenting. And yes smiling does make a huge difference. Apparently it has an effect on our neurological system and our tiny little neurotransmitters and we get that ‘feel good’ feeling. Babies have this down pat. 🙂

  7. One good thing about traveling outside the US in places like India or Bali is that security is much easier. I usually carry water on in plain sight in my carry-on. But you’re right…choosing to do it. That’s easy, and difficult.

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