Step by Step

by Gunamayi



The child walks or skips, happily and with joy. With no particular intention, reveling in his own spring of inner joy. Where is this child going? Who will he become? When ignorantly he wanders away from that inner peace and joy and forgets the way he came, how will he try to return? How many paths will he try before he breaths a sigh of relief in returning home?


The business man walks fast. His intention is to be fully prepared for his next meeting. Doing the calculations in his head needed to clench the deal. He will rest when he reaches his target. Until then he must keep going with his mind on the goal. Then he will be at peace.

Step by step

A prisoner of war, a Buddhist monk, paces his cell, his lips continuously moving chanting blessings of loving kindness towards his captors who are ready to inflict more torture upon him in the next room. His intention is loving kindness towards all and ultimately inner peace for himself.

We move through this world

The drunk staggers down the busy main street and sings a song of old. A song that brings him memories of good times before the war when his family was together and life was simpler. His intention is to escape his inner wounds still unhealed long after the outer scars have healed. If he escapes these demons that lie within him surely he will find inner peace.


The father pushes his child’s wheelchair around the gardens. His five year old son is weak from chemotherapy treatment. With his steps he lives for his son. He wills goodness and health upon him. His peace lies in his son.


The soldier staggers with blood on his hands. Each step he wills to be removed from this nightmare. Take me home, how did I get here?

A universal vision

The monk walks, slowly, with awareness one foot in front of the other, each step like the kings seal upon the earth. Practice. His steps are with the intention to cultivate awareness of each moment and one-pointedness of mind. Stepping to inner peace.

Of inner peace

Don’t we all have the same intention as we walk through life? We are not that different, a drunk you see on the street, a supermodel that passes by and drops a dollar in his upturned hat and the child who skips by holding the stars in her eyes.



Step by step

We move through this world

Is our intention in every action not always ultimately to reach that place of inner peace consciously or unconsciously no matter who we are or what we are doing? Different ways, different paths. All on the same journey home. Step by step.



A universal vision

Of inner Peace




is striving to
walk in peace, to
live with awareness,
and to make her
time on earth



Written for Walking With Intention.  If you’d like to be a part of the challenge, find more info here: Walking With Intention.  But first leave a comment and let Gunamayi know how you feel about what she said.


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  1. Thanks so much Gunamayi for reminding us about the simple truth that really we’re all looking for the same thing, although we go about it in all kinds of different and crazy ways. In the end we all just want peace. Understanding, and then accepting what will bring peace to us is the hard part.


    1. Thanks to Our best muse, SreeJ for inspiration 🙂
      Now my gratitude to Gunamayi
      Thanks dear
      It was very interesting to walk, breathe and contemplate with you
      And I really enjoyed its every step, every inhale, exhale, thought..
      Nice combination with such a different life stories gathering there to show the greatest trick of mind and our biggest delusion
      We all are struggling for the same
      Maybe even tried all these life roles you’ve mentioned here
      Spending lots of lifetimes
      Trying to attain peace
      Simply get fooled by the idea
      And forgot that
      What is gained can be lost…
      Sooner or later
      Maybe better
      To walk away from our tricky mind
      By step

      Liked by 1 person

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