My Eternal Gratitude Goes Out to the Walking With Intention Contributors

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Did that really just happen?

Somehow we actually completed 30 days of Walking With Intention.  I didn’t know if we would make it or not, but we got 30 amazing posts.  I love that they were all so different from each other.  Stylistically, and philosophically, everyone had their own take on Walking with Intention.  If you haven’t checked out these amazing authors, I’ve compiled their articles along with links to their blogs here.  Give them a read.  They came through for the Dungeon and I am indebted to them.  Thank you to both the writers and the readers for making this month a success.


(By the way – while I still have your attention – on Dec 2, an incredibly heart wrenching, and inspirational memoir will be shared here.  It is from my father.  Don’t miss it.)


The Amazing Walking With Intention Contributors:



Day 1: Walking With Intent by Rarasaur




Day 2: In My Veins by Faith Eirans


mark p


Day 3: Baby Steps by Mark Paxson




Day 4: Living with Purpose by Karuna Poole


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Day 5: Living with Intention by Vince Horan


Sonya Profile Pic


Day 6: A Letter From God by Sonya Kassam




Day 7: Valuable Opportunities by Charles Augustus




Day 8: Protected: Learning to Walk With Intention by Oliana Kim


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Day 9: On Your Mind by Martha Stout


Apoetic1_Intentional Living_Bio Pic


Day 10: A Reflection on Intentional Living by Nicole Allen




Day 11: Don’t Ask Me to Look at the Moon by Trevor Washington




Day 12: Embodying Intentions by Arati de la Roziere


MLunatobio pic


Day 13: Everybody Lies by Michelle Lunato




Day 14: Momentum by Sanaa Rizvi




Day 15: Step by Step by Gunamayi




Day 16: Threads by Daydreams




Day 17: It Took a Long Time to Find Me by Karen Van Benschoten




Day 18: Creating Our Reality by Sarah Myers


Dan at Sturbridge


Day 19: Walk With Intention by Dan Antion




Day 20: Yow! There’s a Huge Spider in the Bathroom by Kathie Arcide




Day 21: Intention as Prayer by Kilaya Ciriello




Day 22: It’s Only One by Alya Shanty




Day 23: Quiet Steps of Intention by Abbie of Sidereal Catalyst




Day 24: A Plan… A Healing Process… by Jamerly De La Cruz




Day 25: No Other Way by Jagati (Bonnie) Olson




Day 26: The Most Dangerous Moment of My Life by Amar Gressel


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Day 27: Miracles of Intention by Badfish




Day 28: The Seductiveness of Time by Janelle Weibz




Day 29: The Key by Rudran Degnan


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Day 30: Fated by Kripa Gressel



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16 thoughts on “My Eternal Gratitude Goes Out to the Walking With Intention Contributors

  1. Thank you for inviting me to participate and coming up with the idea. Plenty of good stuff came out during the month. Things to come back and read every now and then to re-invigorate the soul.

  2. Thank you for being a dedicated reader! The series really took me to places I didn’t expect to be going, and thinking about ideas that I hadn’t anticipated coming up. It really was a beautiful experience, as you said.

  3. It was a great month, Sreejit, with some amazing posts. Thanks for being such a gracious host. I was blessed to have read the words of such astute bloggers. Peace, C

  4. Couldn’t have been easy to host this month of Walking with Intention. You have brought together a wonderfully diverse yet bonded community. So very honoured to be a part of this & I am glad to have contributed though I was constrained by work. Thank you Sreejit!

  5. Thank you Sreejit for creating and inviting us all on this amazingly rich and diverse journey. I have looked forward to and enjoyed reading all the different ways in which Walking with Intention resonates in others. And along the way you gifted me with ‘meeting’ bloggers whose words and images i find very entertaining and inspiring, and who I now get to ‘follow’. Pranams in gratitude. 💐

  6. Oh… and i really liked your choice of banners for each of the blogs. I sensed that they often captured the essence of the written piece.

  7. Sreejit,
    What a wonderful concept that you manifested into the world. And we must certainly thank your sister for her part in the conception! Where would we all be if it weren’t for the intention and love of others in our lives? I truly loved hearing the various voices of the authors, and their different ideas of just what is what.

    After reading these stories, I can only say I feel honored and humbled to be a part of the month of Intention. Especially, since my life usually lacks a large dollop of intention and relies heavily on the intervention of cosmic energy and gravity of others…just to get me through a day. So thanks again, Sreejit and all the writers and commenters (and your dad! who was always there with us).

  8. I’ve been computerless for a couple of days so didn’t see this till now. It was a wonderful event. So many different writers and viewpoints. I thought it was an incredible event, a huge success. Thank you for all the effort you made to pull it together. I love that you received enough submissions to fill the month!

  9. It was an honour to post on your blog, Sreejit, on a topic that could take one to so many places. I have lots of catching up to do in reading. I completed my personal challenge 30 days of Haibun in November. I am currently reading your father’s story…so interesting!

    1. Yes, I started reading last night after midnight and decided to take the time to read it through. I went to sleep thinking of those new shoes. My best friend has had a farm for over 40 years and was raised on it in the early 50’s …I may translate the story for her.

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