Poetry Shares: Wendell A. Brown

Freedom Song

By Wendell A. Brown of Where Words Daily Come Alive


If you follow me
I will lead you to
The peace you have
Never known

If you follow me I
Will take you to a
Place where no evil

For a new heart will
I give to you with a
New song for it to

I will do all these
Things for you my
Beloved if you
Would only follow me

If you follow me you
Will have new treasure
That will have eternity
As its days

If you follow me your
Life will have no strife
And your loneliness
Within will fade

For a new spirit will I
Place within you so that
You will truly see

That things will be much
better for you children
If you will only follow

If you follow me I will
Crumble your heart so
It is no longer made of

I will walk with you where
Ever you go so you will
Never again be alone

If you follow me I will
Come  to you making a
Place in your heart my

I will place my spirit
Within you giving  your
Heart a brand new song

I will bless you with a
Desire to keep my statutes
And walk  daily in my ways

I will keep you mine my
Beloved and I will know
You all of  your days

If you follow me you will
Love the living Father with
All of your heart and soul

You will love your  fellow
humans as yourself refusing
To let His commandments

You will be all things to
Non-believers and bring
Many others to see and

If you follow the Lord God
Of your Fathers and in
Embracing him you will be



unnamedWendell A. Brown

Each day is a blessing to me as I awaken. I am daily blessed by the two loves in my life, God, and my wife Deborah! I receive the Lords blessing with a smile from the rising morning sun…and also from the smile I see when my wife awakens…between the both of them I am nourished by their special love. They paint the color of my day with a certain happiness that stays. I choose to share what I feel in words daily to all who read and embrace my poems, reminding them to take time to smell the roses in their lives. I believe that by doing that others will also seek out that same love to live within them. To me sharing a genuine spiritual smile with others is a most exquisite blessing…a treasure that will always last throughout the day. There is nothing like the blessing of smiling words! Always remember the words of our Lord that we should love our brothers and sisters as ourselves, as we are all children of the same living God, whose love showers us with blessings each day and we should emulate this by selflessly sharing the love alive within us with everyone we meet! Thanks for visiting my blog site, and may God always bless you everyday of your lives!


Written for Poetry Shares.  If you’d like to contribute to The Seeker’s Dungeon, please carefully read the guidelines here.  But first, give Wendell some love in the comment section, and head over to his blog Where Words Daily Come Alive to find his, always heartfelt and inspired, words of love and devotion.


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About the author

I am a King without a Kingdom, in a world with many masters, wrapped in the spoils of a jealous heart, and my people’s callous laughter.


  1. I’ve been wanting to have something from Wendell in the Dungeon for a long time now, as it just feels like he belongs here. I love Wendell’s poetry because it’s always straight from the heart, divinely inspired.

    Wendell – Thanks so much for being here, I always appreciate the love you spread in the comments and wherever you go.

  2. Wendelli felt a sense of contentment and peace come over me as I read the first couple of stanzas. The lines that enveloped me and in which i found much comfort were:

    “… And your loneliness
    Within will fade”

    “I will place my spirit
    Within you giving your
    Heart a brand new song”

    Thank you.

  3. Such beauty in your words and that is no surprise to me when I saw the poem was written by you. Every time I read a poem you write, the intensity of your love is felt and I never know until the end of the poem if you are talking of God or your beloved Deborah…that is how pure and heartfelt are your words.

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