Indie Spotlight: Puneet Gabriel McCorrison


One of my favorite singer songwriters is a friend of mine, Puneet.  His music should definitely be all over the radio.  You can support him by subscribing to his YouTube channel here: The Puneet Gabriel Channel. 



For now, feel the magic in his new jam, Through the Morning Mist:


Through the Morning Mist 

by Puneet Gabriel McCorrison


Through the morning mist
Light plays tricks on the eyes
Shadows like ghosts all around

The trees watch my steps
Light rain falls, kisses my skin
In my heart I know its You

On the winding road leading home
Climbing higher

Many burdens
Left along the path
Mind goes on laying traps
Memories like ghosts all around

At the altar
In the temple of my heart
Where I pray every day,
‘Let me not lose my way’

On the winding road leading home
Climbing higher

BRIDGE: If I get weary,
Will You pick me up and carry me?
A baby in Your arms
Never let me come to harm

Into the clouds
The path leads on
Don’t recognize the valley below
What a world You show

Always walking with me
Said You’ve always been
Closer than I know
May Your light lead me on

On the winding road leading home
Climbing higher


Song and Music Credits:

Music & Lyrics by Puneet Gabriel McCorrison
Inspired by the life & teachings of Amma
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Puneet Gabriel McCorrison
Cello – Jake Charkey
Backing Vocals – Tejasvini Alana Kearns-Green
Backing Vocals – Deepti Kirsi Ranto
Backing Vocals – Rohan Kymal

About the author

I am a King without a Kingdom, in a world with many masters, wrapped in the spoils of a jealous heart, and my people’s callous laughter.


  1. Absolutely ~beautiful~ Brother Puneet!!! I am blown away, -&- had NO idea you could sing like that. I am SO lookin forward to hearing more… Thank you for continuing to share your gifts! Love -&- miss you…
    Samala Hirst

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