Calling all the Dungeon Prompt contributors and any others looking for prompts that make you dive deep within.  My mom, over at Living, Learning and Letting Go, is starting a new prompt series on tackling daily challenges for self-improvement.  If you’re interested, be sure and check them out here: Challenge for Growth Prompts, Needs vs Wants.

The gutsy smurf in the header image is for my mom by the way, not you… You thought I was soaping you, trying to get you to do the prompt right?  No, I was giving props to mom, cause it’s hard to throw the ball up when you’re not sure if anyone is actually gonna come out to play.

– Soaping, props, gonna? How many colloquialisms can I fit into one paragraph?  Soaping is Indian english for buttering up.

If I was gonna soap you, I’d say something like, the Dungeon Prompters are always up for new challenges.  That’s guaranteed.  Don’t believe me?  Visit them (hey, they support the Dungeon, so I gotta show them some love):

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I’m including my not quite latest video below, because, although it’s a hit, it only has 280 views.  What? I’ll be happy when it reaches at least a million views, so… if you like it, share it… if you don’t like it, share it!  If you can’t be bothered to actually watch it… share it! Yey, go team.  Wow, I’m really not this perky at all –  maybe it’s the smurf in the header image.


So, it’s the new year, how are you all doing?  Any new blogging resolutions?  Are you gonna do my mom’s prompt?  Did you like my video?  Do you think I’m gonna reach a million views?  Do use colloquialisms on your blog that you know no one is gonna understand? (I haven’t wrote for awhile… guess I’m trying to fit it all in.)

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  1. Thanks for the prompt! I better check it out. I tried to post a video the other day and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Hmmm. Maybe I am old school too. Well heck. I didn’t even know something changed. I thought it was just me doing something wrong….ok, let me watch (and share, lol) your video and check out your prompt. As for blogging resolutions, I made a schedule. And heck, I failed already as I should have posted some fiction yesterday and did not. But today is a free/makeup day….maybe time yet.

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