Want is simply the need to succeed beyond the level that supports the whole of our breed. More than survive, we’ve thrived as a species, by consuming the planet and returning the feces. Just contemplating the end, as the bottom comes quick- not judgments man, these facts are legit – thought we were flying, felt the wind beneath our wings, until the ground brings extinction and the end to our dreams.

Hierarchal ambitions, was it in our DNA or have we nurtured it to support a profitable agenda? Upending our future, for the here and the now, we rest easy in the mantra of our imperial vows. Not so complex, as we revel in being chosen, with no direct link to a tribal prophet – not even in the heart – as politicians profit, trading kisses for votes, the throne is the target, elitist to the death bed while repeating in “Jesus’ name,” with fingers crossed, it’s just part of the game.

I’m not an atheist, I believe the world is more than it seems – that I expand with head bowed, when I am on my knees, engaging a spirit that is beyond my ego’s grasp, lost in the realization of an everlasting awareness – in order to learn what the universe has to teach, we must see further than our hands can reach. But, we take and we mold what we can’t understand and bring it back to the ambitions of a people damned – as we tread heavy on creation to reach the peak, it seems that being stomped out of existence is the bliss that we seek.



Written for Challenge for Growth Prompts: Needs vs Wants

Featured image via http://www.nydailynews.com


  1. Thanks for contributing to the prompt Sreejit. Your piece is like music or poetry in prose format. I love it.
    And it is very thought provoking as well. I hope we live to see the priorities in the world change before we stomp ourselves out of existence.

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  2. A wonderful contribution to this prompt and I expected nothing less from you in your thought provoking piece, Sreejit. As I started writing my comment I thought to myself, “now isn’t Sreejit’s heading above the comment box apropos as well”…we ARE in this together.

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  3. It is the greatest irony–we children of the earth are oftentimes her worst enemies. Like Jean-Paul Sartre said, it is through us that hell comes into the world. I do not believe all is bad with human kind. If hell comes thorugh us, heaven does to. I believe that we have the capacity for great compassion, love, and hope.

    Your post tells it like it is and hints at the fact that part of all this has to do with the twisted religious idea that the planet is here for us humans to do with it as we please.

    Great post.

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