“A well regulated,” if
not disciplined,
“militia” such that children
fall victim to the
desperate or unstable,
civilians succumb
to gang violence, police
discretion or the mood swings
of a man not quite able
to cope,
“being necessary to
the security of a free” to live
in fear, free to intimidate,
free to be killed
or by god’s grace “state,
the right of the people
to keep and
bear arms,” not just
enough to
protect themselves,
but enough
to wage a one manned
war on an entire city’s
“shall not be

It seems we’ve
drowned our humanity
in the normalcy
of death. The lives we
lay at our feet?
– an ideological
consequence that
we live with.
– are we not ashamed?


Featured image via http://www.alphacoders.comGun


  1. Yes to carry arms, i don’t believe it is right, nonetheless one should be able to protect themselves and loved ones!

    My thoughts we’ll need these weapons an ever more advanced weapons in our near future..

    i strongly believe that we are not the only sentient creatures flow throughout space..


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  2. Appropriate words. Thank you. People have gone crazy with their notions on gun rights over freedom to have life. To be able to take a life has far more consequences and should be weighed heavily. I don’t know what has happened to the US. It has become a place I do not recognize. It is a place that a person thinks s/he needs a gun to demand respect and wants others to fear his/her power.

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  3. I will never forget the despair of my next door neighbor when yet another of his friends was killed in a drive by shooting in Seattle. Way too much death for a young man to experience.

    I agree that with what you said and loved the style of your poem.

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  4. Violence has always existed. Only stable well-armed people can counter it. On another note, I well-trained person with a knife can do just as much damage as a gun. So do we eliminate knives? No. We need to get back to family values and Christianity, but somehow, I think you will hate that idea too. On another note, great writing.

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  5. Very thought provoking and inspirational, Sreejit. I am such a “little pieces” person, doing my work in the trenches, one person, one small non-political battle at a time, but even I can see the big picture here. I’m struggling to understand a Texas cousin’s celebration these days, because he can tote a weapon!! Not sure the connection will be obvious but here is one of my favorite songs

    (with lyrics) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3YcZ233MIs

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