Through this dungeon I tread,
seeking foundation for my head,
reaching to shed layers of dead skin
weighing down my levity.
Discovery bends the shadows into brevity,
shoring up this beacon of longevity
within the good fight.
Degrees of might empower me
to chill with this burning;
ride easy in this yearning;
roll gently through this turning of corners,
surpassing the borders and overcoming
life’s hoarders.
Freeing are these steps of depth,
sinking deeply past the muck of ground floor,
digging soles to push hard to the core,
giving each journey around the sun
just a bit more vesting toward worthiness.
Heart confesses secrets held beneath tresses,
as abandon gives way to less consuming distresses
and the wilderness within gets lost in these walls,
whispering away all that forces my spirit’s stay.
Truth is arresting in its liberating way,
evidenced by my rampant run
to its torches, illuminating scorches
along this dark and narrow path.


  1. Love this! From the beginning it is profound: the dungeons as the foundation. I too have a fascination with dungeons, all things “moonlight”, the hidden, the ruinous and the “quicksand” and you identify the reason very well in here – the fundation; it is underground, in secret and in the dark that we become ourselves, when we believe no one is looking. The choice of words says a lot about a person, especially when used in art 🙂

    1. Thank you, Anaatcalin! I appreciate your feedback and connection to this piece. I most certainly agree with your points, though my inspiration was more centered around the notion that I am part of this “Seeker’s Dungeon” created by Sreejit, as well as an exponential network of those finding their way through reflection and revealing. This world is dark and imposing, but not overpowering if you focus on the light within and those glowing treasures along the way (which I consider many of my blogging friends). The hard part is braving through that darkness (not going over or under or around… but through), because – as you said – it is via that confrontational path that we see ourselves reflected and are challenged with accepting, embracing and elevating ourselves and others. 🙂

    1. <3 <3 <3
      I thought it befitting to speak on my outlook regarding the "Dungeon"… literally and figuratively in my first official author post here. You know how much I adore this space and admire this creative network. I simply couldn't contribute here until the right piece struck me. 🙂

  2. “Degrees of might empower me” Love this line. So full! Wonderful piece. Congratulations on your 1st contribution here.

    I have not had the pleasure or invitation, yet. However, I know it is coming.

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