If we were having coffee?

If we were having coffee, and it
was my first cup of the day, ‘cause
you somehow convinced me that it
would be a good idea, I wouldn’t
bother opening my mouth or
even looking you in the eye
until I had 3/4 of it running
through my system – it wouldn’t
matter how fast or slow I drank,
I would need ¾ – strong, with
a little cream, and no sugar
(in the mornings) – to breakout
of my shell. But when that
magic point was reached, all of
my dormant thoughts would
bubble up and come pouring
out. I might start with the
news that I’d sent my novella
to Book Smugglers for publication,
just ‘cause they seemed like
a cool company to get rejected
by. But, unless you were seriously into
talking about me, I’d probably
switch gears and ask you exactly why
Sarah Palin’s 15 minutes of fame
were not up – although I never get
tired of seeing Tina Fey on SNL –
or about how I read this cool article
from Robert Reich where he said that,
Hillary Clinton is, “the most qualified
candidate for president of the
political system we now
have. But Bernie Sanders is the
most qualified candidate to
create the political system
we should have, because he’s leading
a political movement for
change.” I might tell you how I
wax and wane over my vote, ‘cause
Hillary Clinton handled the
Flint, Michigan situation
like a boss, but there is just
something about Bernie –
Hillary would hold down the fort
and continue with what Obama
had accomplished, but Bernie is
the person we mistakenly
thought Obama was when we first
voted for him. I might bring up
my theory that to be president
you have to be ok with
killing people – war, drone strikes,
CIA covert operations
amongst an ever-shifting
array of enemies and allies –
and that I’m pretty sure Hillary
is up to that task – but is
Bernie? And what does that say
about them? And what does that say
about us? I would have finished
that last ¼ cup real slow, as
I’d been so busy talking, but
when it was over I’d turn and
run – I’m a cook after all, and
that’s a 7 days a week job,
and here I was



Written for the Weekend Coffee Share over at Part-Time Monster

Featured image via http://www.wikimedia.com


  1. Awesome share! I really like how you said Bernie Sanders is who we thought Obama was when we voted for him. How true and sad. ;(

    Also, I wonder what does it mean that a President has to be ok with killing people. In this current paradigm, yes that is true,

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  2. Yes, funny and I can relate especially on the Clinton/Sanders thing. A part of me wonders how I could NOT vote for a politician that opens says he’s part socialist but realistically, I think these guys have ideals and then they get to Washington and they face this behemoth of a machine that prevents them even taking even the tiniest step towards those goals. If they have a lot of charisma and personal power, maybe they can push through some of that. Otherwise, it’s, like, business as usual. Clinton, on the other hand, is not radical but she’s crafty, a fighter and effective, even if only with her “middle of the road” business. She’s as sly as her husband was and that, in a way, is a plus in a president these days (very sad to say). Of course, there’s the other perspective to vote for anyone that has the best chances of beating the likes of (I can’t mention his name, I just can’t, lol).

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  3. I love it too. And it reflects the conversation many of us are having. I can relate to every word you said, except for drinking the coffee!

    I may stay up tonight to see what Tina Fey does on SNL. It was such a nice surprise to see the video clip of her Palin spoof when I got up on Sunday last week.

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  4. Thank you for so articulately pulling together thoughts that have been ricocheting off the mushy walls of my mind lately. Somehow all my inner chatter brewed into coffee (decaf for me) make for one horrible acid reflux aggravation. And I am left with an urge to do something, to contribute, so as to abate the feeling of hopelessness that so often permeates and overtakes me in the face of the current political, anti social environment that surrounds me.

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  5. Thanks for the coffee. I’m not following the US election as I’m Australian. However, knowing how that President will feature in our global politics, am concerned. I hope more Americans will vote and take a more active role. They do have a say. xx Rowena

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  6. Thanks for sharing! I definitely agree that Bernie is the person we thought we were voting for when we voted for Obama. And while I’m glad I voted for Obama twice, 2016 is not 2008. The problems facing the world are more acute, and especially in terms of the climate, we have less time to turn things around. I don’t think we need a continuation of Obama. I don’t think we need someone who can win the current game of politics. I think we need to play a different game. We’ll see in a few hours if the Democrats are going to play a different game this time – if Bernie loses Iowa, I don’t see him coming back from that. It will be a shame though if he does lose though, because it’s clear that Republicans are going to play a different game this time, and if we show up with a traditional player, I think we are going to regret it.

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