Since You Have Called Me

By Gopi

Coffee jitters
Sadhana quitter
Who do I think I joke?

My Mother’s the master
Of all that we ask Her
And so I try to practice what She spoke
Oh Mother Kali
My fierce Mother Kali
How You smile in Your divine rage?

The heads of our egos
All hung ‘round Your neck
Surely scare the timid away.

But since You have called me
And I may have come
You look more and more radiant to me.
Your Love pours forth
Like a gushing stream eternally conscious Awake!

Bright as the night sky
Your Black skin white eyes
Shone Beauty inexplicably

Red tongue, red flowers
Red lotus feet tender
My Mother forever,
I weep



“Consider everyone, because

they are each a doorway

to your own Self.”

~ Amma

Thank you Amma.



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