I’m for…

It would seem that the establishment choice, whether Democrat or Republican should flow into Hillary’s cup, since Bernie and any Republican with votes just want to blow shit up. We thought that Obama’s rise meant that our country was on the road to healing, but in his light the darkness huddled in fear, and many found their cries appealing. Ripped off was the scar that the politically correct had carefully plastered in place, and it allowed us to see who we truly are: a country still obsessed with race. It turns out that we are not interested in brotherhood, a better future or seeing our sisters as equals, but for a few more minutes atop a volcano waiting to blow, we would dress up ignorance as regal. Planting the seeds of hate, we carefully nurture them and patiently await the flowers, and with each ballot put before us – party to the core – a bit of decency we vainly devour.


(That was not an endorsement just a statement of facts, when the mind is clear the heart can attack… I love Bernie.)

Featured photo via http://www.timesofisreal.com


  1. I love Bernie. He is the only candidate who consistently uses we and our and stands for all of us united. I have watched as others have mimicked his message in order to draw more votes. I have no idea why so many people want to vote for someone who doesn’t have our best interests in mind. I thought more people would care for our fellow man and woman but ours is a truly selfish society. With that said, I see hope in young people and I believe real education is the reason. If Bernie can win (I wish) I wonder if the media will snub him for 4-8 years- I’m sure they will try or just blame him for everything like they have done with Pres Obama. I love Bernie 🙂

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  2. I really like your thought that HIllary is the only true conservative! I can imagine the Republican’s response to that one. A lot of Democrats wouldn’t like it either. Your post is a very powerful statement and worthy of reflection.

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