Join the new series: 365 Days on Living and Dying

Because I’m both reckless and ambitious, I’m starting a new series on Living and Dying featuring you!  Based on the success of our 30 days of Walking with Intention series, I want to go even further off the deep end and try for 365 days of honest reflection on the subject of Life and Death.

You can find the full prompt guidelines, submission information and other contributors here: On Living and Dying

Because this is a full years worth of posts, it means that we need a lot of voices to join in.  So, please invite your friends. If they are not writers, then help them with the proofreading. We want to hear from all faiths and non faiths, from all view points subscribed to. We want to hear from You.




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  1. Reblogged this on Living, Learning and Letting Go and commented:

    Sreejit at “The Seeker’s Dungeon” has started a guest post series entitled “365 Days on Living and Dying.” You are welcome to submit a post whether or not you have a blog.

    I hope everyone who reads this will take advantage of the opportunity! It should be a very interesting series.


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