a religion
in and of itself,
politics transforms,
but with no
spiritual wealth
– it is the religion
of power,
playing games with
the mind,
swaying your will,
with words,
towards the
keepers of

We’ve played
politics with religion
since it’s
turning the path
to heaven
into a
game of thrones,
– and knowing
how to play,
I’ll keep you
as I shred
your heart
and ask you,
for it,
to atone.

Let us
be fully aware,
when playing
the game,
for what, for why,
and for in who’s name
we submit,
making sure
that we
are at peace
in our heart
and are
not only ok,
but totally down
with it.

For in praise
and humility
we can slip
through the shackles,
– the noose
grows tighter
as the ego
blows up –
yes in praise
and humility
our spirits
can raise,
let us not waste
this power
on shadows
in chains.


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