Prince – A Revolutionary

Devastated – my adolescence was painted purple by his reign, I was infatuated with his look, his music, his voice, his choices, he was the first person that I can remember saying I want to be like him, I didn’t know that men could be sexy too until he made the taboo cool – he laid down the soundtrack of my wonder years.

I remember my youth filtered through its two obsessions: girls and music. Was there anything else when we were young? I can clearly relive my progression through ages four to twenty-two by the music that I hung on to. Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Prince, Duran Duran, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Public Enemy, Tupac, Lauryn Hill. And then it all became a blur, as the obsession factor wore off and the music could be enjoyed separately from the artist.

I still remember my father explaining to me when I was six, “Everbody loves Michael Jackson because he’s innocent, and loves Prince because he’s not.” Prepubescent though I might have been, I knew then and there that I wanted to be like Prince.

It’s so strange when your idols die. It makes you remember yourself and what they meant to you. Prince was a force of constant creativity that the whole world will miss. Peace. Love. Music.


This is how I remember him, tainted through my inner adolescent’s eyes:


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  1. For the most part, I’m a one Prince album fan. Purple Rain, of course. But that one album!!! So many memories of listening to the music, watching the movie, the friends I was with then. And whenever I hear those songs now, all these years later, they take me back to those places and those friends. That’s the beauty of incredible music. And Prince certainly had some incredible music. I also appreciate that he never, ever caved in his commitment to be himself and do it the way he wanted to.

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    1. Purple Rain was definitely the best full album, though the hits just kept on coming. It was the next tour after Purple Rain that I got a chance to see him live, my first concert actually, but it was still those Purple Rain hits that stay in your blood.


  2. My sentiments exactly. It sucks when your idols die. Whitney, Bowie, Prince. Prince is only a bit older than me, which is quite scary.His music was the soundtrack of my 20s, a time to learn about how living your identity. So lucky to have had these musical icons on the planet at the same time. I also am obsessed with all that is purple, so I can thank him for giving purple its due.

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  3. I was never a huge Prince fan, I think a lot of that is because of my age. The cover of When Doves Cry that was in the mid ’90s Romeo and Juliet movie has always stuck with me…I listened to that song on repeat today. Thanks for sharing Sreejit.

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  4. I’ve had a lot of tears today. While I have loved the Purple Rain album for 30 years, and When Doves Cry is probably my favorite song of all time, I was still surprised by how much his death has impacted me.

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  5. I am reminded of how I felt when Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin died within weeks of each other. I think often of how blessed we are to have experienced the greatness that God conveys on some of us!

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  6. I feel the same. I loved his music and style. I thought him (and Madonna) were like my life icons. So many memories involve Prince music…I am truly sad and feel like part of my youth has died with him.

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  7. Thank you Sreejit for sharing who Prince was/is in our life. Another glimpse into the tapestry of your life. The lines “It’s so strange when your idols die. It makes you remember yourself and what they meant to you” resonate so much for me. As if when these beings pass on we remember precise moments in our lives. Where we were, who we were with, what the light, sound and smells were like. As if these moments which were frozen in time suddenly come back to fully touch us once again.

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  8. I have never been so affected by a celebrity death. But then again, he wasn’t just a genius performer, he was my friend. I suppose I thought we would create so many more memories together. One time he asked me to sing with him on tour. I declined because I had just started my business. If I could go back I would have said YES! He was so magical and I will always love him!

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  9. I did not grow up on his music per se, but as a music fan, I know his work. Purple Rain, the song and the movie were a cultural phenomena. From Little Red Corvette to Musicology, his songs were the background to generation after generation. Who do you know with over 40 albums? Who do you know challeneged the music industry head on? He challenged the societal roles of gender and race. He gave no fucks about the rumours, haters, or critics. He could sing you out of your draws with his croons and hip thrusts. He did not care. He was about his music, and his music will be here forever. Thanks for posting.

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