On Living and Dying Day 12 by Alya Shanty

Living the Journey

by Alya Shanty

Of course, everybody wants to read some personal stories, but I’m offering a spontaneous comprehension on the topic by weaving three of my poems together that I hope will be useful and meaningful.

It is all about the same
Is that a
short life of a text
Limited life of a man
Endless life of comprehension

Three steps of Life to the Death
(Let’s try and comprehend together)

“Stay in the moment
Drop the past
Enjoy the life
For it will pass”

Enjoy the life
To enjoy – during it
To enjoy it in the moment
To enjoy it till the end…
It’s not so easy all the way of enjoying
Much easier to enjoy “good” things
But not very easy to enjoy each and every moment
Even just to be aware of it is already a big task
It is possible only if staying in the precious present moment alone without any conception from the past and projection for the future
Not very easy, ha?

Plus endlessly processing mind
It keeps gathering from past experiences, interpreting and putting some labels from previous memory and knowledge that was gained outside
And distracts the attention from present moment and also creates some “inner world”
But it’s only some thought activity and just invention of tricky mind
And completely not real
So staying in the present, enjoyment, awareness of every moment
Ok, we can try
Maybe even succeed in it
But to enjoy – till the end…
Especially knowing that it’s the end..
And what about enjoying the very end itself?..

That’s the way avoiding hOMe “


Obviously, it’s not only about enjoyment
And it’s not even easy to really enjoy it
And every single reason for any kind of enjoyment is only temporary
Same is life
Therefore to enjoy life is a temporary thing with just a temporary idea or a dream
Because desire often causes pain, disappointment or – only temporary enjoyment after which the circle goes on and on: next desire, more pain, another disappointment..
And even having a desire is already some kind if suffering
Lack of contentment
But there always is such a beautiful thing as HOPE
And probably the best rhyme on it is NOPE
It’s not a pessimistic point of view
Let’s comprehend
Hope is what keeps us going on
Trying our best
And waiting for something better
To dream about pleasure in “later” and “after”
And to continue no matter what
To continue dreaming..living in a dream
Wishing it to come true
But the truth is in absolutely other direction than the future
Keep comprehension
Follow it
And cOMe hOMe

“You are the Truth pretending lie
You are unborn
You ll never die”

Maybe that’s the only possible end of comprehension:
End of hope
End of desires
End of life
That kind of life that was so full of the things or the ones to hold on with a fear to loose
That kind of life where everything seems so reasonable and clear due to endless conceptions and borrowed ideas
That habitual and sticky life with that someone – “I” the Great, the one who is living it
It comes to an end
Sooner or later
Though it’s always just in time
And it always ends
It can end in two ways


10649448_1101993916489424_8571097446359093362_nAlya Shanty

Becoming…empty, left aside – everything shaken, slowly ruining inside – what known well from worldly apprehension –
becoming useless, in sincere comprehension. What seemed so right, undoubted, correct, with depth of look, quite diligent, direct. Becoming just some knowledge gained in the past – forbidden – in a new perspective vast -long story of the person rising up with heavy baggage – notions and conclusions is getting lost and could not make it up. Carry another package of delusion completely – inexpressible in words -some power simply mixed it all -no more inside or outwards, it step by step crushes every wall – dismissed my “self” instead to keep, forfend, and what is left becoming worth to comprehend.


Written for the On Living and Dying series.  If you’d like to be a part of the challenge, find more info here: 365 Days On Living and Dying.  But first leave a comment and let Aparna know how you feel about what she said.


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