On Living and Dying Day 19 by Puneet Gabriel McCorrison

Into Color

by Puneet Gabriel McCorrison, singer-songwriter found on YouTube and Soundcloud.

In Hindu philosophy there is an idea presented that we have become so spun around, mixed up and infatuated with the world that we have forgotten our true nature, which is silence, peace and bliss. Yet we have not and cannot really let go and in our confused state run after the things and experiences of the world trying to regain that peace and bliss to no avail. We may find some respite when we achieve something we had wanted, but this usually gives way to a feeling of restlessness and the search begins yet again. In this way, all of us, whether consciously or unconsciously are longing and searching for spiritual experience. Peace. Every experience and the whole of creation is subtly pointing us inward to the source, we just need to know how to read the signs. Great saints and spiritual teachers ultimately say that there really is nowhere to journey to. The joy and bliss we seek is actually our true nature and is revealed in silence. 




Day is ours
Brilliant drive
Into color
Passing signs
Children of one Mother

The wind speaks
Through green leaves
Are you listening?
Blue are the trials
Half red smiles
Eyes moist & glistening

World turns
Friction burns
Ancient memories rise
Try as you might
To turn away
Impossible to disguise

It seemed so sure, but
The boundaries blur
Your bets you start to hedge
Dark cocoon
You want out soon
Butterfly at the edge

Dull gray gives way
Experience begins
In the mind’s eye
THE Artist’s Grace
Is staring you right in the face
Palette full of color awaits

Wide circle
Road home
Lifetimes we delay
Castles of sand
Little child
Caught in nature’s play

Desire sedates
We fill our plates
Try to deny
The heart burns
Our dreams yearn
For something that never dies

Speed ahead
Turning in
Burning out the agony
Mountains high
Oceans deep
Reclaim majesty

Truth unfurls
Like riptide curls
Circle outside-in
Beneath the waves
In silent caves
End where you begin

Dull gray gives way
Experience begins
In the mind’s eye
THE Artist’s Grace
Is staring you right in the face


Puneet HatPuneet Gabriel McCorrison

When a painful nerve condition forced me to abandon my not yet begun music career in college, I turned to yoga both as a means to alleviate some of the pain and as a way to release some pent up creative energy. In the years since, however, it is the philosophy of yoga that has made the deepest impact, as it lead me to the great spiritual master, known as Mata Amritanandamayi or Amma. I have spent most of the past 12 years living in Amritapuri, Amma’s ashram in southern India.


Written for the On Living and Dying series.  If you’d like to be a part of the challenge, find more info here: 365 Days On Living and Dying.  But first, leave a comment and let Puneet know how you feel about what he said, and be sure to visit him over at his YouTube and Soundcloud pages when you’re done.


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About the author

I am a King without a Kingdom, in a world with many masters, wrapped in the spoils of a jealous heart, and my people’s callous laughter.


  1. I’m using this comment section not to talk to Puneet, cause he knows I love him, but to talk to the rest of y’all. You need to head on over to his Soundcloud and YouTube pages, because his music is awesome. I try my best to get it in the Dungeon as much as possible, but he’s a bit of a perfectionist. (Unlike yours truly who throws whatever pops out up that day.)

  2. Thank you for the images and this direct, to the point line:
    THE Artist’s Grace
    Is staring you right in the face
    Am I willing to receive Her????? To smile and allow Her to awaken the grace within me.

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