This is where
I hoard
all of the
dungeon seekers,
as it would seem
that we share
certain devilish
features –

spiraling through
a madness
we created on
our own –
caring not for
your comfort
or the sins for which
we should atone

– wreakers of havoc
to those
content with the
hum drum,
by playing with
ideas that others
would prefer left

– we take a
hidden pride
in the
we run headstrong

continually we pay
the price
of which no drink
the pain will dull,
as we burn the weight
of disappointment
as fuel for our
struggle –

while tears may
be constant,
and our light may
be hell bent,
we creep and crawl
a joy beyond
the heavens –

as the fall is
we hold on to
the love of war,
and when a whisper
arises telling,
“enough, from this life
we want more,”

we brush it aside
we must continue
to fight,
we must scratch,
claw and bite
if we are to right
our legacy,

our birthright is
not about a
pyramid of
but a love that
doesn’t cower
before that which
can devour it,

the truth from
those that came
before us,
we are blessed but
not free,
not careless,
though it would seem,

we walk in the
footsteps of
those who laid
the crops,
the seeds of hope
have flowered for,
their will
you couldn’t stop,

bloodied knees
and all,
– if we drop?
we drop –
but we’ll never shake
the need
to reach that
mountain top.



Speaking of dungeon seekers, if you’d like to add your voice to The Seeker’s Dungeon, be sure and check out the 365 Days On Living and Dying event.  Your experiences could shed light on somebody else’s struggle.

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