41zKGMveF1L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Don’t worry, the wait is over…

I know that you’ve been hunched over, staring at your screen, awaiting with bated breath the release of my new book of poetry. (It’s actually a compilation of the best from some retired books, as well as new, previously unseen, offerings.) You can finally end your suffering by clicking here: Gypsy Soup.  It is available in both paper and digital formats, though the paper version lends itself to the flow a little better.

Did I hear you say you want a sneak peak?  Well if I give you a taste,  that formally binds you to write a review on Amazon. That’s the deal. Do you accept? Great, here is a sampling:


In Defense of Love

Faith to Reason, is like the son
of treason can’t grasp the mother’s
hand if shame is seasoned.
From the unmoved mover to
the existential self-evident,
does morality really
require a defense if
shame is the only

That feeling, that growing, that
unexplained knowing, that
happiness that comes at no one’s
just the focus, attuning
to something outside of our
own little bodies, our own
little minds. Just waiting for
us is a love so refined – nameless
and named, mover of time.

A universal vision,
both seen and unseen, in so
many ways, with so many
themes – caught in a battle for the
possession of dreams –
we make our own evil to
claim our prestige.

To cherish each other as
sisters and brothers, faith needs
no reason and reason needs
no faith, for love is always
waiting with an open embrace
to all of creation, both
seen and unseen – if real or
unreal matters not to the

– the dream of a world come
together in love, whether
through the grace of God above
or the hands of man – do we
really need to understand
to willingly comply with
love’s demands?

The humanity in us is
our constant witness. We
need not a revelation to
stand tall, just a willingness
to tear down our own walls. In
the wind, if we listen, we
can hear her call, the song of
our Mother, embracing us all.


Thank you for the reviews and the purchases, as always, I am grateful for your support.



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