My code says…

My code says it’s ok
to go it alone, when no
one understands, but a real
man has to be able to deal
with those that march to
another’s demands. My
rhythm is slightly incomplete –
a hiccup in my giddy up – I march
to about 4 ½ beats, but it flows
steady in me so I rest
at weird angles.

The rebellion of rock with
an R&B filter, smooth but
with splinters, modest but not
hindered, I’m not a flower
child, but I’m free and
I’m wild, untamed, I move
at my own pace, I don’t
care about the race, but the
way in which it is run.

Careful that you don’t
misunderstand, I have my own
demands. Those of you with whom
I don’t go far back, that didn’t witness
me always on the attack, will
think that I have no bite, but be
wary, I’ve not had fresh meat
in awhile – my teeth are sharp
and I remember well how to
eat – giving respect doesn’t
mean I’ll just let you be.

Hearing you out is not
retreat, nor is it compromise,
it is just an acknowledgement
that reality depends on behind
who’s eyes it is seen; my hell
may be your dream. I may color
outside the lines of your
black and white scenes.

When I was young, I used to
daydream about being normal,
going to church and having a rigid
moral code, but when Krishna
said exactly the same thing as
Christ, “it is through me alone,”
and some take Me to represent
infinity, while other’s demand
the body and blood, I’m inclined
towards giving God the distinction
of limitless capabilities.

If you look at me and you
see contradictions, you’re just
not looking close enough. We
live on a globe – from far away it
looks like we’re walking in circles, but
close up you will see the line is straight –
not tempting fate, just giving room
to contemplate lifetimes of samskaras
being worked out by a mahatma
– the grace of the guru through

the heart of a mother.

Spirituality is not a fling
between a soul and its mistress, but
a life of strife with one’s wife, the
struggle is in giving up on being
the knower, and instead merging
into knowledge’s own flow – one
river, many boats, one song
with many notes and as always
one love but with many arms to
hold it close.



So that is mine – what are your living codes?


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  1. Quite like your code…and in particular “Hearing you out is not retreat, nor is it compromise, it is just an acknowledgement that reality depends on behind
    who’s eyes it is seen…” …did like that a lot!

    Liked by 1 person

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