If you read the conservative blogs, you would hear about how we are a bunch of Obama’s animals, but these commentators should look outside of America and see how most of the rest of the world works. In most western countries the cops don’t have guns, they have sticks, and tasers. In countries where guns are as readily available as in the US, when an oppressed minority are shot down, there are violent uprisings.

We were promised trickle down economics and they gave us trickle down stupidity. Do you really think these talk show hosts believe everything they say, or are they just trying to collect money like the politicians? I certainly don’t believe that any politician really denies climate change in their heart. It’s one thing to deny science for religion, because someone’s whole world is wrapped up in that perspective, and at the end of the day they are thinking, “give God the glory.” But to deny science to collect a corporate paycheck is purely for someone’s own short-term progress, and disgraceful.

But the sad part about saying things they don’t believe in, is that their followers will believe them. Leaders need to understand that their lies are destroying the heart of a people, black, white, brown and yellow.  And it is all of our jobs, on the right, left and center, to learn to think for ourselves.  To stop reading just the conservative or just the liberal news sources, because they all have a social agenda. It’s all propaganda first, news second.  It’s up to us to look at the whole picture.

The Black Lives Matter movement is so dignified by the world’s standard of social unrest that it makes my heart ache when people don’t understand the heart of an African-American. I don’t normally say African-American, I say black, but after hearing Sarah Palin’s diatribe about how hyphens were destroying the country, I just had to point out that America is still a place where Martin’s shadow hangs heavy, and that is the glue that is holding our country together.



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  1. A few people who show up at the protests want to cause trouble, but the vast majority are peaceful and respectful. What do we hear about … the few. What does the right-wing focus on … the few. Thus labeling all animals and terrorists. It’s really getting tiresome. There was a protest by my office at the end of the day yesterday. There was a lot of concern about it all day long. Whether we should leave work early to get out of there before the protest started. We didn’t leave early. The protest was relatively small. About 300-400 people. At one point they applauded the police officers who were there to keep the peace and when the protest was over, they filed away and left. No drama. No damage. No harm done. That’s what most of the protests are, but do you hear about those on the news or in the right wing blogosphere?

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    1. Yeah, I can’t really pay too much attention to the right wing blogosphere, because it makes my blood boil, but every once in a while I will, usually by accident, I check it out. It’s just basic respect for each other should be the starting point, but when we start off with degradation, then there’s no possibility for moving forward.

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  2. Very sad, but very true. If we don’t start thinking for ourselves soon….we won’t have anything left to think about..

    Cheers to a good thought-provoking article!

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  3. I do think that the politicians and political leaders who are so adamant against the existence of climate change generally believe what they say. I think they are wrong, but I don’t think they are lying. I really agree with your point that we need to use our own minds, eyes, and ears to evaluate situations rather than blindly accepting `what other people are saying as truth. Recently I found myself repeating something based on another person’s opinion rather than thinking about it for myself first. I think we all need to look at that in our personal lives and as we listen to the words of leaders, politicians and others.

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    1. Some surely don’t believe in climate change, but others are struggling to stay on the non-believer side. Like when they say, “well, I’m not a scientist.” Of course you’re not a scientist, there are experts for that who all overwhelming claim its existence.

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  4. I’ve been away from continued internet usage for over a year and hadn’t realized that this movement was growing again. I say again, because like anything that is alive, if you give it enough fuel, it will grow. If people want something to not grow, then they need to not give it fuel in the first place.

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  5. I wouldn’t say it’s Martin’s shadow who hangs over us, but Malcolm’s.

    Martin was victorious in his struggle in ending segregation in the southern United States. It was only toward the end of his life-Chicago, and then, tragically, Memphis- that he witnessed the limitations of his previous advocacy and began approaching the issues that resonate most deeply with Black Lives Matter today- police brutality and systemic racism.

    But Malcolm X attacked that from the very beginning of his activism. From his ladder in Harlem, he preached about police beating black folk and how there was no accountability to punish those who abused his power. Most people ignored him. But blacks in Harlem and Dayton and Detriot paid attention because his words spoke more to their lives than Martin’s.

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    1. The reason I say Martin’s shadow is becasuse the protests are basically peaceful, non violent protests. Martin’s ideals have seaped into us as a standard of being – not that his struggles are our current struggles.


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