Of Freedom and Forever

Disposable are…

our words, wasted, and
thrown away, as if
they hadn’t the power
to uplift or abuse,
disposable like
Gatorade bottles,
indestructible, but
discarded after
their initial use,
disposable feelings
when we’re acting just
to manipulate
another, disposable
sexuality, pimping
our smile just to
get by, because the
world we live in is
easier when we fake it,
it’s all entertainment.

Forget about
disposable income,
we’re all working to
eat so that we can shit
it out later, praying
to fall into a
delirious sleep
for as long as
possible. We’re all
living the lie; all
compromising for
the sake of getting
by, all searching for
that unattainable
high, all convinced by
the dollars spent on a
corporate lullaby.

Blame it on forever,
‘cause everyone wants
immortality, and
we’re blindly seeking
to ride the waves of
partiality until
we can barely speak
of things like freedom,
for we are all heathens,
we lost our God to
science and became
disposable like all
who didn’t make it
on to Noah’s Ark, and
there is no redemption
in a world without
magic, it’s a classic
tale of falling from grace,
disgraced the space
we’ve been blessed with,
because we’ve taught ourselves
to be content with
being disposable.


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