On Living and Dying Day 25 by Marlena McGuigan

The Ives

by Marlena McGuigan of Marsnplato


None of us survives this place.

That isn’t meant to be a grim reminder of our finite nature, being in a body and all; rather, it is a meant to be a reminder that we can choose how to live with the time we have. We can go through life with the perspective that we are barely surviving – and yes, so many of are “just getting by.” We can also go through life with the perspective that we are thriving – and yes, many of us are “successful” and “happy.” I know I’ve lived both – often simultaneously somehow.

When I think of what living + dying are all about, my mind goes in all sorts of different directions. First stop: my spiritual perspective. I tend to live with an all-loving, forgiving, and nonjudgmental or objective “God.” This God of mine isn’t separate from me. In my heart of hearts, I feel that no matter what I do, I’m ultimately OK. Sure, I could be “better,” do “better” – whatever. But those are judgment calls that only infect me with unnecessary worry and pain, which can so easily spread through my mind and body. My soul though – that’s on lockdown. We are in this space together. And my soul is absolutely the strongest leader in the mix.

U-turn: my earthly perspective. This place is nuts. The civilizations we’ve built are barbaric when you really step back and take a good look at everything. What are we doing? We are amazing creators, and we’ve chosen to create this?! Don’t get me wrong – I see beauty and love in all sorts of spaces…but holy shit. I must be an alien because I just don’t fully fit in here.

I don’t give a fuck about the kind of car you drive. I could care less about your promotion…to yet another position of masked slavery. And I sure as hell will never understand how writing ‘Happy Birthday’ on a chalkboard needs to be mastered in case of a “high stress/emergency” situation (real talk, from a soon-to- be-EX-stressed-out boss). What situation will ever warrant this skill? I’m not providing life support in this extreme hypothetical – except comically. Gunshots fired. Call 911 (US). “Wait, nevermind! I have chalk, and there is a chalkboard around I am sure I can write on. I will save a life – ignore my call!”

Back to calm. Here’s what matters to me. I care about connecting with you and seeing where glimpses of happiness and joy appear. I care about what freedom means to you and how communities can build with compassion, open communication, and grace. I care about my family and friends – and, I choose to be with them as much as possible because whenever death comes knocking…I want to say I lived my life in accordance with my values, my priorities, and my heart.

Turn to the center, last stop: living + dying are all about the ives. It’s about how to survive. It’s about how to thrive. It’s about how to be alive and to say yes, I’ve lived. It’s about being able to say I’ve followed my heart. I’ve given it my all. I’ve learned to respect myself and know myself – my intuition, my wisdom, my decisions, and my core. I’ve struggled, I’ve triumphed, I’ve loved and I’ve died a thousand deaths while living. So what is there to fear? My last stop on this plane is just another death. And no one and no thing can take that powerful experience away from me. I’ve got the impenetrable strength to let go.



Marlena McGuigan is an astrologer, teacher, and intuitive guide currently living and dying in Denver, Colorado. For more information on her, check out her business website at Maieutic-arts.com or her personal blog at Marsnplato.wordpress.com.


Written for the On Living and Dying series.  If you’d like to be a part of the challenge, find more info here: 365 Days On Living and Dying.  But first leave a comment and let Marlena  know how you feel about what she said, and be sure to visit her over at Marsnplato when you’re done.


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I am a King without a Kingdom, in a world with many masters, wrapped in the spoils of a jealous heart, and my people’s callous laughter.


  1. Thanks so much for writing this. Your last paragraph touched me the most. I’m about to share it with my psychotherapy group members!!!

  2. Reblogged this on mars•n•plato and commented:
    Thanks to the wonderful mind of Sreejit Poole, I added my contribution to his “On Living + Dying” series. Check out my post, but please check out everyone else’s too! There is some great mind matter in there.

  3. I agree! This is a beautifully written post, exploring the questions of our time, both temporal and eternal. How do we live, love and create connections and communities that better serve love and the good of all.

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