On Living and Dying Day 28 by Soul Seeker

The New Arrivals 

by Soul Seeker of A Peek Within


They were 4 teensy weensy new arrivals in our community. I often saw them together when I took my dog for a walk. They would all be there, with that petrified look in their eyes. All curled up together one upon another in the rains to provide warmth to each other. Such love! They cared for each other and still do. Left alone by their parents, I would always find them on the same spot. Yes, it’s easy to question my actions here but I’ll get there later so keep those questions on the back-burner for a while. And they loved me. I knew it from the moment I first laid my eyes on them. They were always inquisitive about what being am I and after 4 or 5 sightings, they started to approach me frequently, careful at first but playfully later. They would scratch my pants and shoes with their feet, try and bite into the hard surfaces to mollify the itch in their teeth. I understood them while they were all healthy and new. They never asked me for food and all I could offer them was some play time with my pet. They would all jump around him, try and scratch him, but he was just too huge for them.

Then one day I noticed something astray. While 3 of them came jumping left and right on to me, I noticed from afar that the last one kept lying in his place on a dry piece of ground untouched, unmoved. I thought he must have been dosing. I left him alone, played with the others and left. But something just wouldn’t click into place in my mind. A few days later, I got the chance to go there again. This time all of them were a bit weak but they at least cared to show their love. The last one though still wasn’t moving. He just lay there, unmoved by all that was going on around.

A few days later my mates returned. We all went together to see them but that last one was too weak to even move. His breathing was very shallow and we decided to feed him and call for an ambulance. While we were attending to him, a neighbor came running in and told us that this one was sick and hadn’t eaten in a while. One of my mates picked the pup in his hands and offered him some biscuits but yelped when he found that he wasn’t breathing any more. We kept offering food and water to his mouth and then something happened and he woke up, started peeing on my friend in whose lap he laid and watched us for the last time. He drank some water from my mates hands, ate little bits of biscuit and then breathed his last.

It took us a few hours to dig up a hole big enough to bury him. He was stiff as an arrow and I just couldn’t muster enough courage to touch him and feel him. My mind was possibly numb from this experience to feel anything anyway. May his soul find the best possible alternate way to end his karmic cycle and may he not have to go through such a painful process again. Please bless him!

A lot can be made and learnt from this incident. First of all, what the hell had I been doing all the while when I could have figured out that he was sick? Well I couldn’t have figured out if he was sick. I definitely could’ve fed him earlier but I had seen food droppings all around them and made out that they must be being fed by someone who later turned out to be my neighbor. She told us that she had been bringing them water and chicken soup but they weren’t cutting it for them. All said and done he did come to our hands, ate and only then did he pass away and I take solace from the fact that he did try and find his human connection after all till he breathed his last.

He didn’t last for a lot of days but he did make his presence felt at least to me. This was the first death I had witnessed first-hand, yet it’s something I can never harp about. It was an experience for me to learn from and I respect the laws of nature because it was very natural.

I keep on thinking what his soul may have gone through previously before it decided to show up here on earth on 4 legs. What lessons awaited him from this harrowingly slow death? He was incredibly cute and it pains me to have parted ways with him. He definitely learnt what it meant to have your parents abandon you and leave you to die. And I think he just came to me to show me that all souls have their journeys and lessons that await them. As long as I didn’t do anything to hurt him, I didn’t add to my karma and I’m ok with it. I saw how his soul was trying to eke out every single lesson from his time on Earth lessening some years of pain from his time in the spirit realm. I am just glad that he found himself in comforting hands when he came around and when he left us. He wasn’t alone.

Is being alone my biggest fear? Only time will tell. All I know now is I had the unique chance to see life escape a body and for some reason I only felt an incredible amount of relief for the little guy. His feeble body was a testament to the suffering he had decided to bear in this lifetime and I totally respect him for that. He has left me wondering if I respect my body enough. He has left me wondering if I’m taking my existence for granted. I can’t answer these questions right now but I’m sitting on this chair brooding over the lessons I can learn from him.

The sickness, the poverty, the hunger, the anxiety, the homelessness that I don’t have, am I and have I ever been thankful enough to my maker and master for having granted me this opportunity to shorten my journey in such a merry fashion? I find myself bestowing incredible gratitude to the elements of this planet that make my survival possible on Mother Earth, my master for having been with me guiding me to do good things, my God because all of me takes me several steps closer to him and my soul for having chosen this time and space to undergo my experiences, ones I call pain and suffering, betrayal and hatred, for having taught me that the best experiences are gained alone when I start taking in my lessons with gratitude and smile.

Just to finish the tale of those 4 pups, the rest of the 3 pups are healthy, playful and being taken care of by us and our neighbor. We built them a home in which we now find them cuddling together every time we approach them. I just wish for them to survive in the best possible way that they can. We are doing our best to keep them here and become friends with my dog. May they all find homes that love them for all the suffering that they have endured – separately and together.



Soul Seeker

I am the Soul Seeker/God Seeker. I’ve created a purpose to learn as much as I can to help further my enlightenment and to finally understand that no amount of knowledge and money will have you meet with your maker; only loving submission can. In this life, my endeavor is to learn, submit and shorten my distance to my maker, how much ever I can.





Written for the On Living and Dying series.  If you’d like to be a part of the challenge, find more info here: 365 Days On Living and Dying.  But first leave a comment and let Soul Seeker know how you feel about what he said, and be sure to visit him over at A Peek Within when you’re done.

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I am a King without a Kingdom, in a world with many masters, wrapped in the spoils of a jealous heart, and my people’s callous laughter.


  1. I love how you brought the topic home with your subject matter. Something so sad in seeing the death of a helpless creature. A very emotionally charged piece. Thanks so much for sharing.

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