Of Kings and Queens

With words and thoughts used with reverence or ire, used to propagate or conspire the mood of the squire, nations rise and fall, as do hearts grow and shrink, inspired by the call of a muse never seen – fighting through the quagmire of a wordsmith’s dreams; fighting to be understood as clear as the pain in your side, or the thrill of a ride when on your face it can’t hide. What is truth other than in what we believe? So let us travel in style as queens and as kings, though beggars and thieves our day jobs may be.



        1. ahhh, thank you. I am a King without a Kingdom, was something I used to say in jest whenever I was irritated. Explaining my ego, that inside I am the king, but since no one knows it on the outside world, I’m suffering. Then one day, I was like, I should make a poem out of that…


      1. I’ll probably have a lot to say in regards to the election, too, but will probably not say it. I usually just do my grumbling in private when it comes to politics. My plan is to keep listing things that I am thankful for. That makes the other things much easier to deal with in the end. Good luck to you, too. Thank you!

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  1. I’m not sure exactly what you are expecting with our 100 words but below is my 100 word rumble:

    I woke up this morning in the middle of a nightmare, a nightmare that could have been plucked from the scariest of Stephen King novels. I don’t have much memory of the contents of my nightmare other than knowing that you, Sreejit, were there with me. There is not much doubt that the nightmare was caused by my choosing to eat all of the leftover Halloween candy, mixed with my fear over the turn the election is taking. Rumble, chaos, fear, stomachache for sure. Today I will focus on eating healthy and celebrating that this election will soon be over.


  2. I am honored to be mentioned here on your blog as part of the NaBloPoMo/NanoPoblano crew! Today was a stressful day for me, as most of my days tend to be lately. I had a big quiz in my class today and thankfully I got a high B on it! We are learning phlebotomy and we had an open lab where we could invite friends and family to come in so we could practice our new skill on them. I drew blood on my husband and his parents, I was very nervous!!! I did manage to draw blood on all three of them so it was technically successful, but the anxiety of it all is still lingering. I’ve now gone beyond 100 words and they’re not nearly as poetic as yours!

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    1. It’s been over 15 years since I was in a classroom and still I have nightmares about it at least once a year. It’s always the same dream, I skipped too many classes and I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to learn everything before the final and I’m not sure if the teacher will even recognize me and allow me to take the final. I had that dream again just a couple days ago. So glad to be done with school. Good luck to you on keeping that and NanPoblano going!

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