The clock keeps tick, tick, ticking away. Our mouths keep bick, bick, bickering – insane. Though we constantly take steps to overpower the mundane, with purpose or distraction we all decay. It’s genus: homo, species: sapiens; that’s “wise man,” for those not up on their Latin. That’s genus: homo, species: sapiens – 70,000 years of family ties, and still struggling with little things like compromise. As the clock keeps ticking and we keep bickering, we use “wise man” with a grain of salt – though we built the pyramids and the Internet, we still can’t seem to talk things out.




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    1. It’s interesting, because on one hand we have to totally open our minds to invent new technologies and treatments, and on the other hand we close our mind rigidly when it comes to philosophical/moral ideas.


  1. It’s so very sad that people are not willing to work things out. 😦 I have never before witnessed the bullheadedness or cognitive dissonance at the levels risen to or sunk to, depending on how you look at it, in the election. 😦 It’s heartbreaking, and maddening when people refuse to listen to reason or work together.

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    1. When the tea partiers rose up around Obama to grind things to a halt, I really thought it was just a racist thing, so somehow it is comforting in a way to see that it is an equal opportunity hate – either way, fully ridiculous. It’s like people are living in different worlds and each side can’t see the one the other is living in, and if they do see it it is only in a derogatory way. Pretty sad.

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