There are no irrelevant sentiments when it comes to permeating the mind, for we are at the same time both creatures of habit and in want of ever changing stimuli. Words and thoughts, like flowers and seeds, require both dark and light to grow, but as we seek to cultivate our knowledge, remember that we’ll always reap what we’ve sewed. We should never forget to only plant the seeds of the fruits we desire to yield, for left to its own devices, our minds will by the weeds of ignorance and sloth be filled. Happiness is a choice well tilled.




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  1. Hmm, I would really like to believe that we always reap that which we sow. It would be kind. It would be fair and ordered. But my life has not led me to have faith in this statement. Rather, we sow so that we might reap the fruits, but more often, others will be the recipients of the fruit. So, I have aligned my life with this understanding: that the benefit is not the expected fruit, but knowing I have possibly given a gift to someone.

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    1. Well it depends if you believe in karma over lifetimes. In the traditional belief, what we’re getting in this lifetime is based on previous lifetimes of work, and mischief. And what we’re doing in this lifetime is affecting our future. Maybe not immediate future, but future births.


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