Walls fall away
as identity stretches for breathing room,
intent on no longer being consumed by the
belly of compromise.
Lies weren’t told, but truths
were held close to the heart,
well behind its tongue.
Tensions sung their parts along tangible cracks,
while graces stood their ground,
holding stool pigeons back.
A lifetime of lacking caught up with its face,
separated the layers of
imposed disgrace… and the
heavy mask is removed.
Dignity smoothed over the open wounds
where humility once oozed, simply
because now is no time for seeping.
Defending replaces depending,
and – yes – all hell’s breaking loose.
The noose is left thirsty
without my breath to seduce.
And – no – it’ll never feel right…
letting the air kiss the whispers of my bones.
I wasn’t bred to expose, but
to absorb and wrap it up. Nonetheless,
ever gulping from the cup, these
jowls are saturated.
All can hear their moan behind the
lack of space to swallow, fearing
what’s chewed on today will
set the fate of their tomorrow. I
don’t sleep any better at night…
Yet, the sight of daily unfolding eases
the circulation of my existence, and all
resistance melts away.
Nothing more than essence remains.


  1. Well for starters, I think that after you drop the first line, “Walls fall away as identity stretches for breathing room, intent on no longer being consumed by the belly of compromise,” I want to hear the hype man go “BOOM!” For real though. I read it through earlier and I was like I need to come back when I have more time. Then later, now, I read the first line slowly and I heard, “Boom!” Actually all the lines were pretty much boom worthy but a few just struck a direct chord with me, like, “Dignity smoothed over the open wounds where humility once oozed, simply because now is no time for seeping.” I don’t even know what you really mean by that but I have my own visualization and it’s something like, maturity, when we’ve weathered enough storms… anyways, love it.

    1. Your comments always make me smile, but the best ones make me laugh out loud! You and your “Boom!”… make me think of mic dropping, which would ultimately mean sacrificing a whole lotta equipment! Lol I love to hear that you had to come back and give it a little more attention. That’s how your work affects me, especially the novels… I have concluded that I must create a “Do Not Disturb – I’m Reading Sreejit’s Stuff” sign. haha I think you’ve got the right feel for what I’m getting at with the “Dignity” line. It is about maturity in the sense that one must realize there is a time and place for all things, and must be resolved to navigate outside of comfort zones, at times, in order to achieve the best results. In this particular case, as vital and beautiful as humility is, it can sometimes keep you in an “open-wounded” place, especially if one is already prone to suppressing feelings… and others presume that a graceful state is actually a weak one. Sometimes, the ego must step into place, even if only for a season, to protect and sure up the humble spirit. Basically… even the gentlest soul needs to put others in check on occasion. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing yourself… your voice… your dignity… because every “storm” is met with bowed head and heart. But what exactly is being bowed to? There will come a time when you simply must look up and push back, no matter how foreign it feels to you. Anyways… thank you. 🙂

    1. Hey “dkersh”… thank you! I can only take credit for the post. Sreejit Poole is the owner of this massive portal of dissemination. 😀 I agree, his site is incredible… and he’s been at it for quite some time. All I can offer (and my site is much more quaint) is that you engage with others. I love to explore other creators, but often lack the time due to work, family, etc. So, I end up only touching base with a few semi-regularly. Still, I believe the more you explore and like and follow like-minded individuals, the greater your connections will be. That’s my two cents. 🙂

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