Innocence lost in a dubious tryst
Bricks stacked high between lies in the midst
Heartbreak shatters morality’s quest,
as love left tattered abandons the nest
Wide eyes narrow and vengeance spreads broad
The act becomes real, and truth – the façade
Prayers lace lips like a crackhead’s rod,
perpetrating belief in any known God
No one can escape the heat of the wrath,
but bearer burns most in her own aftermath
Rigid, dons the right, with frail on the left;
both sleeves carrying destruction’s best
Life seems long when it’s lived so hard,
counting countless moments without regard
Pages turned over right before they’re shred
Prayers for eternity for the already dead
Mind of a child, voice of a shrew,
taste of a bitterness impossible to chew,
roar of a lion, back of an ox,
slide of a serpent, face of a fox;
chameleon shades seldom seen by another
The best known cover – the mask of a mother


Image Credit: Photos Public Domain

28 thoughts on “The Twist

    1. No, Sreejit, no!!! This is all about the lemons, darn it! I am obviously too nice of a person because I can’t even come across angry… eerrgh! This is why I’m always stressed out… my love aura just shoves the crap out of my disgruntled voice and it is left unheard… unacknowledged… unrespected (I know that’s not a word, but it sounds good). Insert giant raspberry here! Lol…. okay, I’m done fussing. I’m glad you liked the piece. 🙂

        1. I had to read your comments a few times. I was getting so confused! But I understand now… I am typically a lemonade maker, but you will see a common thread in my recent works because I’m currently drained from sugar-coating other people’s bitterness at my own expense. It is officially “raining lemons” season for me. Haha And, of course, I was teasing before…

            1. So much of that is chuckle – worthy. I got the notice on my phone and the first thing I saw was “I’m on tour right now…” That’s a phrase my girlfriends use, typically during their birthday months, when they hop from celebration to celebration all month long. Never know where they are going to turn up… But also, because of your writing and your music… the entertainment spin hit at the same time. So my second thought was “Whoa, Sree’s on tour! You go boy!!” Lol It’s probably only funny to me, like an inside joke, I guess. I’m sure you are probably on Amma’s tour??? In any case, “spasming out incoherent thoughts” is a condition I am quite familiar with, as well. So worry not. 🙂 And I hope you are enjoying your tour!

    1. Thank you, Karuna! I’ve been writing quite a bit as of late, alternating between the Dungeon and my site. I’ve been working on three pieces since I posted Unwrapping. This was the first one I finished. The other two need more love. If you can’t tell… it is sort of my therapy. My relatives are effective muses. Lol If you read this in light of what you know about me, you’ll get exactly where I’m coming from. It is actually an “angry” piece… but I think it is being seen as a self-reflection piece, which is awesome… because I do believe a mother can be whatever a mother needs to be. It just so happens that in this case, I am frustrated by the duplicity of my own. I was ordered not to internalize, so there’s a little grit splashing on these pages, since they are my best outlet. 🙂

      1. I was thinking it was a sad piece but I wasn’t sure so I appreciate the information. And I’m glad that you have this outlet. It is a good way to do some therapy! 🙂 And I appreciate hearing from you.

    1. Thank you! It’s interesting because I wrote this in a particular light, a negative one… and the comments reflect that it was absorbed as more of a badge of honor. So… I revisited it and I see that too. Interpretation is such a wonderful phenomenon. 🙂

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