Promise to catch me
in the crease of your words,
where craft coyly cradles the
mysteries of your heart.
I want to fall
into your every breath
and feel the undercurrents of their purpose.
Your engravings etched upon the universe
drip their dust into my soul.
I become more whole with every verse.
To breathe more deeply within
the fortitude of your wisdom;
to release more fully into the
folly of your wit; to
submit more willingly amidst
the throes of your fury; to lose
more completely the very root
of my senses
to the enchantment of life
expressed through your spirit –
I reject reprieve from even your torment;
as your woes are sweeter still than the
honey-dipped tongue of any other.
To be wrapped in the wave of rhythm
which crosses your lips…
is to know heaven on earth…
is to give in to a constant rebirth
of a love that can only be felt
in the emboldened conveyance
of your world into mine.


Image credit: John Stammer’s Top 10 Love Poems


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  2. I like how the first two lines read less like a cajoling command but more a proclamation of faith; that the poet is certain beyond an inkling of doubt that the soul will be cradled and adored within the poem. Marvelous writing.

    1. Yes! Exactly… you understand. It is not a command at all, but a desire to be included in that secret place nestled within the spaces. What is evident is only an inkling of everything folded within poetic thought… so how much more gratifying might it be to unravel the mysteries left unspoken. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your gracious thoughts. 🙂

        1. Great question. Admittedly, I have never gotten that part quite right. That is a “Sreejit” question. However, the way I display my posts here on my own site is by copying the url here and posting it in a “new post” on my blog. It’s not the same though… and hopefully Sreejit can provide feedback when he is available. I know that ping-backs are allowed… if that helps.

        2. I confirmed with Sreejit… since this design doesn’t have a “like” button, it also doesn’t have a “reblog” button. I guess they come together. The best way to share is to copy amd paste the url into your own new post, creating a pingback.

  3. Full of passion. I love it. I hadn’t realized what you were referring to earlier when you said your post was linked to the love letter post. But it makes a lot of sense that they are linked, somehow the wordpress algorithm clued into something deeper… or well placed tags.

  4. I feel like you just gave me a view of your soul. Beautiful. I am glad that you have such an incredible gift, i.e. the ability to write poetry like this. I’m glad for you, and for those of us who get to read it.

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