My view is clearly obstructed by the
muck in this room, by the
suck of this gloom, where there’s
no place for space, and this
pace serves no race worth running,
except away from…
Beats hit the drum some, but
I’ve lost count of how any of this counts,
when every price paid only amounts
to a discounted effort… a lost sum of
sweaty tears stinging heart’s thumb,
‘cause I’m still flipping through the pages,
in spite of the cuts
Everything is moving only where it stands
Stampeding footprints – same old dance
Story keeps telling, but never advances
Chances pinned by circumstances, and
no one’s making progress… The air –
stale with the stench of regress
Distress after distress… they keep coming
to confess their bitter sob
Don’t you know I am not your god?
Imposed façade against my will
Imposed supply against my bill
Demand falls on all deaf ears, while
knowing eyes watch me pay the price,
grinning as I dig deeper and deeper,
sowing promise for the handless reapers
These fingernails taste the grit,
lose grip in this bottomless pit, where
life slowly fades into the walls of
everyone else’s falls, and
I am left to wallow in a haze of
trepidation that isn’t even mine.
Those sins – not mine to bear
These faults – not mine to wear
This world – not my belly’s fare, and
starvations leave me cross,
swimming in a blur that feels like lost
But I know who I am,
and the streams still flow against the
break of the dams
Orientation of self won’t be drafted to damned
Spy this warrior of life as if the
intel is real, but the
shade of the armor doesn’t match the reveal
Wrapped in a skin to show a
fight that you think you know, but
blow after blow refines the kingdom within
Whose view will your darkness stain when
the vein is severed, the drawbridge closed,
and this breath of tenderness transposes into
a cool breeze that carries all your debris
far away from my sights.


Photo Credit: Shwebook Dictionary Pro


    1. I knew you’d appreciate the video. When I decided to add this piece to the Dungeon, I had to go live in your honor. 😀 Now here’s the funny part, X was actually part of my first cut… but it kinda became a blooper reel. I said words wrong… I called a preposition a participle… he called me an oppressor… hahaha. It was actually pretty funny, but I didn’t want to act a fool on your site, so I did the clean cut. He did some dope videos last night, but we were goofing off and it was one whole hour of strung together raps and poems. Getting close though…

        1. I’ll see what I can do. I think I have the original of this one on my laptop (where I messed up the end), but the one with EVERYTHING is on his laptop… because he kept it recording the whole time. The deal was… every time I messed up, he did one of his full or partial pieces… til we gave up due to exhaustion an hour later. I just got home from dropping him back off at school, but I’ll see if he’ll share it with me online. He’s shirtless and uses a lot of inappropriate language in some pieces (teenagers!) so… he may not be too forthcoming. But if he uploads it, I’ll inbox you.

  1. I would LOVE to hear you read your poetry more often. It is beautifully written and it certainly stands on its own, but this addition to your writing delivers extra power! <3

    1. Very cool! Thank you so much. 💛 I will try to step out there more often. Not exactly a performer… so it’s out of my comfort zone. I am such a WRITER… to a fault. My son comes up with incredible stuff off the top of his head and just goes live with it. I have to take time to memorize & practice in order to not just “read” my work. But he’s pushing me to practice so I can do some open mics, as well as recordings with him, sooo we shall see. 😁

      1. I was actually going to ask you if you did open mics! I would love to see where you share the recordings (eventually, hopefully). Keep going beautiful! You got this RAWWWRR 🙂

        1. Lol… love your enthusiasm on my behalf!!! I used to do them when we had them in my area, but they never stick around in this little town. The ones I go to in L.A. are on a much larger scale… as in world-class slam poets, so waaayy out of my league, at this point anyway. I have a couple videos on my site, though, as well as one song and one recording with just a still image as the video. Thanks, again… I’ll try to remember to RAWWWRR!!! Actually – the timing is perfect because I’ve decided that for once in my life, I’m going to celebrate my birthday all month long (YAY!!!)… what an opportune time to start roaring! haha 🙂

          1. Hahaha 🙂 you’re welcome. Oh awesome! I will have to check your site again for the song + video! Yes RAWWWWWRRR all the time. Happy birthday month to you 🙂 Treat yo self!!

  2. I read your poem when it was first posted but I didn’t see it on my laptop till now. I especially loved listening to it while I was looking at you on the video. It is a powerful poem, as yours always are.

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