Painting Our Illusions: For Amusement’s Sake

I am but a dirty old man finding himself in possession of a gem – afraid to put it on display, I simply twirl it in my hands; existing independent of appreciation, it appears to alter with the changing of perspective, but it cares not about the many forms it takes when in our minds it is reflected – hence, I tend to lean towards apprehension when it comes to the sharing of its story, knowing that from another’s angle shines a wholly different glory. Though I’m blinded by the glare, I’ll go on adding to our confusion, as studiously, for amusement’s sake, I continue painting our illusions.



Painting our illusions in 108 words a day.


    1. Thanks. Hopefully I can keep it up. This is my new blogging attempt – 108 words a day – it seems possible, and also making it a purposeful, exact number will force me to be a little more creative about it.

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