Painting Our Illusions: Ranting Aside

Blasphemous ranting aside, it’s always been ride or die – for, the path of the Goddess is beyond an emotional high, intellectual pride, and linear evolution, beyond the Shastra’s wisdom and the cynic’s confusion, it’s a world where one and one is three, where you and me can cultivate the trinity – individually – or melt into a blissful consciousness where Her presence destroys the illusion of a path, where egoistic clinging to a destination drowns in a mysticism beyond our own circumspect on what is relevant – beyond creating our own vocabulary to make the math add up, we are crushed in the understanding that all squares are circles.



Painting our illusions in 108 words a day.


    1. This is what happens when you wander into a Tupac movie, while on a spiritual pilgrimage. Woops. Funny that I was just working on a paintings post about our meet up – well loosely about it, in the way that you can write about anything in only 108 words…

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  1. Sure! To keep it short here on your blog, I was in a cave with a hot springs – lots of people. Lakshmi (I woke up at 7am to jot down “Lakishima” as it was understood in dream world as VERY important) was teaching me how to seal the cracks on the floor with water and her hands. Magic, essentially. There was a whole bunch more going on, but I kept thinking/dreaming “Lakishima”…deciphering later as ‘lock-and-key?’ Or ‘Lakshmi?’ Perhaps both, but there was no doubt a goddess teaching me magic. 🦋

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