No one guards the places where the storytellers dwell, where currency is non-existent because ideas are not for sell

– being that ideas flow freely, floating on moonbeams of wonder – waiting to be deciphered before they are lost or torn asunder –

these bards sometimes disappear, following the light into their storms, and wander into the worlds where the poets are well worn; into unambiguous territories, where colors have lost their hues, free throws turn into pay throws, and restless spirits pay their dues –

– it’s a foreseen hazard of living where visions are unable to be quelled, because no one guards the places where the storytellers dwell…


Bill Friday turned me on to beams of light with ideas in them and Ra Avis made me aware of pay throws (although I’m not sure what meaning she was assigning to them…) when I had the good fortune of meeting up with them during my brief stop in LA.  I also had the grace of meeting another passionate storyteller Nicole Allen, while in LA, but unfortunately we forgot to take pictures!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful piece! As I mentioned in your link to my site, we have a mantra now. For some reason, I hear it being sung as a pirate song in my head. Lol Figures, right? Just add “yo ho hum and a bottle of rum” to it! Haha. Also… I’ve decided that we were not meant to take that picture (gasp). Our first meeting was a coming together of lights whose forces were too powerful combined to fathom being captured in a single, tangible image. Such an attempt… though presumably worth a thousand words… simply would not have done us justice. (Glorifying our absent-mindedness beats being bummed out about it!) 😁😄💛

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    1. Hey, I’m all about glorifying absent-mindedness! I didn’t so much hear it sung as a pirate song as spoken with the pirate voice… or maybe that guy on the end of the thriller album: “Darkness falls across the land /The midnight hour is close at hand /Creatures crawl in search of blood /To terrorize y’awl’s neighborhood…” but that’s just me.

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  2. FREE THROWS (“…and it counts!). Sreejit, it was so good to finally meet you, especially in the shared circumstances of such good company (you, Ra… and that guy with the golden beard). I’m pretty sure this is really why we blog, because I’m pretty sure this is really why we live.


    1. I basically never meet people that I don’t work with so it was fun to have met y’all through creative endeavors. Are you sure we didn’t go to high school together? 🙂 You seemed so familiar to me. Anyways, it was a lot of fun. Hopefully, we’ll meet up again when the stars align.

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